Four Types of Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding Signs

There is a wide variety of signage that is being used by businesses, institutions, and more. Each sign has its function and benefit to the facility. Some have a practical use, while others are there to enhance a space.

However, there is one sign option that is a necessary addition to any store, office, or building in Louisville, KY. The absence of these signs can result in a certain level of disarray. We are referring to wayfinding signs.

Exterior and Interior Directional Signs for Your Business

Wayfinding or directional signs help people find their way around your space. These signs have directional cues, like custom directional arrow signs, so people can go from one point to another.

These signs can do more than give out directions. They keep your facility more organized, allowing for a proper flow of traffic. Directional signs also ensure the safety of visitors, customers, and employees.

There are different types of wayfinding signage that each business in Louisville, KY should have:

Wayfinding Identification Signs

These are the most basic directional signs. They don’t necessarily give directions of any sort. Identification signs are more of markers, telling you where you are. These help people have a better idea of the space they are in.

Examples of these signs include a building’s name, street name, and the like.

Exterior and Interior Directional Signs

As the name suggests, these are the signs that have directional cues. They keep people moving from point to point until they reach their destination. Directional signs are very useful, particularly for first-time visitors who are not familiar with a place.

These signs include custom directional arrow signs, post signs, building directories, event directional signs, and more.

Informational Signs

Apart from identification and directions, people need information while navigating a space. Informational signs display relevant details useful while you’re within the facility.

They can be found in areas where people will most likely see them, like lobbies and building entrances. This information typically addresses questions that customers can have. For instance, they may want to know your business hours, if you have available Wi-Fi, how much parking costs, and the like.

Regulatory Signs

Lastly, regulatory signs are those that make sure of people’s safety while within your establishment. Often, these signs are required by law, to protect your business from any liabilities.

These signs provide necessary information and instructions for customers and employees alike. Some examples include:

  1. Signs that indicate rules and regulations, like no-smoking signs.
  2. Signs for compliance, whether ADA or OSHA.
  3. Signs that allow control of access, like no entry signs.

Get Your Wayfinding Signs Today

Wayfinding and directional signs are one of the first things customers look for when entering a facility. Make sure people know exactly where to go and what to do! This helps create a positive customer experience.

For high-quality wayfinding signage, only trust experienced sign makers like Louisville Custom Signs. Whether you need directional arrows, ADA wayfinding signs, or event directional signs, we’re here to help. Consult with our team for free by giving us a call today.

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