Best Custom ADA Bathroom Signs in Louisville

Bathroom signs primarily function as a wayfinding sign, usually pointing towards the location of the nearest one or positioned on the door identifying who can use it. More than that, these signs may also include housekeeping policies and bring awareness to health and safety practices.

Helpful Bathroom Signs Near Me

One important aspect to consider when deciding on bathroom signage in Louisville is how it responds to the needs of all kinds of people. As a business, it reflects well on your image when you ensure that everyone feels comfortable and included.

Having custom bathroom signs makes it  clear whether it is male, female  or unisex. Bathroom signs promotes inclusivity and avoids confusion as it is essential to indicate whether your restrooms are wheelchair accessible or not. Ensure that symbols are used correctly, and the text is clear and readable. Overall, this will send a message that you are quick to respond to the range of abilities and preferences of your customers.


Moreover, the law requires that all your restroom labels follow ADA guidelines. ADA compliant bathroom signs should follow correct size, contrasting colors and height to ensure it is easy for everyone to locate them. Braille bathroom signs are also available for the convenience of those who are visually impaired. Aside from adhering to the law, restroom signs for business help create a positive image for your business.

Custom bathroom signs are useful wayfinding and identification, these are also helpful for maintaining proper sanitation. Use printable bathroom signs to remind users of appropriate bathroom etiquette such as handwashing and observing cleanliness. Promote a healthy and professional environment with your restroom signage.

Available ADA Bathroom Signs for Every Business

There are various options available and it all depends on your theme, aesthetic, and budget. The most common restroom signs have symbols, text, or both. It is important to use symbols that are recognized universally to ensure proper recognition. Some companies opt for creative and funny designs to show more character. Others choose more formal signages such as metal or wooden restroom signs.

With Louisville Custom Signs, you are guaranteed of selections that are both functional and congruent to your existing design aesthetic. 

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Delivering the Best Bathroom Signs in Louisville, KY

Whether you are a new business looking for a signage partner in Louisville, or just want to update your ADA bathroom signage for compliance, our team is ready to help you out. We will walk you through the entire design and fabrication process to ensure we exceed your expectations. For your bathroom signage needs, contact our sign experts today and receive a free estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to ADA standards, any room or area that is public and permanent needs to include braille. Therefore, restroom signs used as identification markers are required to include braille. These are the signs that identify which restroom you are walking into. They help ensure people with visual impairment know which restroom to go to.

Restroom signs should be placed in locations that are highly visible to everyone. This is because they contain information that everyone should know. ADA restroom signs, in particular, are required to be mounted between 48 and 60 inches from the floor, on the wall adjacent to the side of the door where the handle is.

Restroom signs can be used in a variety of ways. They serve as wayfinding signs, pointing customers toward the nearest available restrooms. They are also important identification markers, indicating which restroom you can use. Lastly, restroom signs provide health and safety information for customers and employees, helping keep bathrooms clean and orderly.

Several design characteristics make restroom signs ADA compliant. Here are some examples:

  • Raised/Tactile letters and characters
  • The inclusion of grade 2 braille
  • Universal pictograms
  • Non-glare background and finish
  • Accessibility symbols


Restroom signs can be designed to follow your business theme and colors so long as they satisfy these ADA design requirements.

The height of ADA restroom signs depends on the size of the text. It can range anywhere between 5/8 – 2 inches, with 2 inches of height per line of text. Pictograms, however, must maintain at least 6 inches of field height. These signs must be mounted between 48 and 60 inches from the floor.

Restroom signs can come in a variety of sizes. It can depend on the size of the letters, characters, braille, and pictograms. For letters and characters, the standard size is between 5/8 – 2 inches. For larger texts, you should allow 2 times the height of the characters plus 1 inch per line of braille.

According to ADA guidelines, ADA signs should be mounted on the wall next to the door. However, in rare cases, they can be mounted on the door. This can be done only if:

  • The door closes automatically
  • There is no hold-open device
  • It’s mounted on the push side of the door.

Several signs are used for restrooms. Here are some examples:

  • Wayfinding restroom signs
  • ADA restroom signs
  • Bathroom etiquette signs
  • Restroom safety signs


Each sign can be made in different sizes and with a variety of materials. Here at Louisville Custom Signs, we deliver restroom signs, from vinyl graphics to acrylic signs and more.

Bathroom signs can be referred to in a variety of ways. They are known as restroom signs, lavatory signs, ADA restroom signs, and more. These signs often have bathroom sign figures that indicate which gender can use which rooms. They can be called public lavatory pictograms, or casually known as “the restroom guys.”

Bathroom signs are often overlooked; however, they perform important functions. They make it easier for customers to locate restrooms when needed. They are also crucial for letting customers know which restroom they can use, eliminating any confusion. Lastly, they are necessary to maintain the health and safety of every bathroom user.