Cabinet Signs in Louisville

Having impressive signage is a great way to elevate your Louisville business. It is one of the most effective ways to stand out. With the right sign, you can make a mark on your target customers.

One of the best things about signs is the vast array of options available. There is sure to be a sign that works best for your business and your audience. Business cabinet signs are the perfect example.

What is a Cabinet Sign?

Cabinet signs are also widely known as box signs. These consist of a framed structure that is illuminated from within. Their front face is usually used to display your business name and logo. Cabinet signs can be found:

  • Mounted on your building’s façade.
  • Hung from the ceiling.
  • Projected from the wall.
  • Attached to a pylon sign or monument sign.

Usually, these signs come in a rectangular or square shape. However, it can be cut and formed into different shapes to mimic the logo of your Louisville business.

Illuminated sign cabinets are great for increasing your visibility. Energy-efficient LED bulbs are used to light these LED cabinet signs. This makes it possible to leave them on for extended periods.

Types of Cabinet Signs

The cost of cabinet signs depends on the type of sign, design, and size you choose. These are very flexible in terms of material and design.

  1. One-Sided Cabinet Signs: As the name suggests, these use one specific side to display your design. Single-sided signs are meant to be mounted on the wall, whether indoors or outdoors.
  1. Double-Sided Cabinet Signs: These signs display the design on both sides. They are installed away from the wall and in areas where you want to target people coming from multiple directions.
  1. Non-Illuminated Cabinet Signs: Although custom box signs are usually illuminated, you can opt-out of the light option. These signs are best used in bright spaces where an illuminated sign is not needed.

Uses for Cabinet Signs

These lightbox signs are popular for a reason. They can be used in multiple ways to benefit your business.

  1. Storefront cabinet signs give a name to your business. They help establish your business presence and let more people know that your business exists.
  2. Cabinet signs are excellent wayfinding tools. Whether mounted on your storefront or attached to a freestanding sign, they help increase your visibility. With these illuminated signs, customers are sure to spot your business from afar.
  3. Commercial cabinet signs are a great way to help boost your brand. These highly visible signs are hard to miss. As such, the constant display of your brand makes it easier to increase brand awareness in Louisville.

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