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Businesses need to make sure clients and visitors are free to navigate their facility with ease without the fear of getting lost due to a lack of signage. This reflects on the kind of experience you want to promote. A positive customer experience can lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

There are plenty of ways you can improve the experience of your customers. One simple yet often overlooked opportunity is putting proper labels on the rooms inside your space. An impactful way you can do this is through custom door signs.

What Are Door Signs?

Office door signs are any type of sign used to convey important information about a room or space. They help customers know the business that they are walking into. It is one of the first things customers see right before entering your space. As such, it is a great way to jumpstart a lasting customer relationship.

Inside buildings, door signs are essential for labeling each room and space. These help guests and suppliers to know which room they are walking into. It can also identify the name and position of the person occupying the room. 


Although the signs on your doors seem like a minor feature, they help your business in a lot of ways. Here are different functions of these signs:

  1. Wayfinding : Door signs are effective wayfinding tools. They help direct customers to which room or office space they should enter. This saves time and makes their business transaction more efficient.
  2. Room Identification : Walking into the wrong can be frustrating for your customers and waste their time. Custom office door signs make sure that visitors are right where they should be.

    Door plaques also help label specific common areas in your building. This includes conference rooms, break rooms, and the like.

  1. Greeting Clients : Having signs on your doors also helps welcome customers to your space and sets the right expectations. This is useful for multi-tenant buildings. This signage allows visitors to conveniently find the office they need to go to.

    Business door signs also showcase your brand and include helpful details about your business. You can add your business hours and other in-house protocols you might need clients to follow during their visit.

  1. Maintaining Safety Protocols : Aside from labeling each room, door signage also contributes to the safety of your business space. These signs let people know to take caution before entering a particular room.

    This is helpful for facilities that deal with sensitive information or hazardous materials. A good example is having a door sign on your building’s electrical room. This prevents any unauthorized person from stumbling into this dangerous space by accident.  

Door Signage Options for Every Business Need

There are numerous choices available for every door signage need. Here are some common ones:

At Louisville Custom Signs, we have a selection of various top quality materials and designs. If what you need isn’t on this list, let us know, and we’ll make it happen for you!

ADA Compliant Door Signs

It is important to remember that there are certain spaces inside your office or building that need to adhere to ADA guidelines. Making your business more accessible is a great way to create a positive space for all customers. It also allows everyone to navigate your building as freely and safely as possible.

According to ADA standards, you need to follow specific design elements for your signs to be ADA compliant. These guidelines require certain interior door signs to include braille and tactile characters. You also need to make sure that the height and color contrasts follow ADA standards.

Making sure the signs on your doors are ADA compliant doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice design. There are plenty of ways to customize these signs and still reflect your brand. Custom door signs let you still build your brand while maintaining accessibility and inclusivity within your business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons office door signs are essential for any business. They’re necessary identification markers. Office door signs tell people who and what they can find on the other side of the door. They make it easier to navigate your space. Lastly, door signs keep your office space safe and accessible.

When adding door signs, it’s necessary to come up with legible designs. You want your signs to be readable at first glance, even from a distance. They have to be positioned where they can easily be seen. Lastly, when applicable, these signs may need to follow ADA standards to become compliant.

Office door signs that need to be ADA-compliant have to follow certain design guidelines. This includes font styles, size, sign placement, color contrasts, and the inclusion of braille when applicable. These ensure that people with disabilities can easily locate and understand these signs. Learn more about these specific requirements by calling us today.

Here at Louisville Custom Signs, we offer a wide range of options when it comes to office door signs. Choosing one largely depends on which type goes with your desired design and your signage budget. Our expert sign makers will be more than happy to give recommendations based on your specific needs.

Custom office door signs are available in a wide range of options. You can choose from a selection of sign types, materials, designs, colors, and more. Because of this, the cost of these signs will vary. We suggest you contact us with your specific needs, and we’ll give you a free quote.