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In any business, customer satisfaction and retention depend a lot on their positive experience with you. It is essential to ensure that all types of customers in Louisville feel safe and comfortable whenever they visit your space. One way to guarantee that is through the use of ADA signs.

ADA signage is any sign that is required to follow ADA standards. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all public areas should have ADA compliant signs. This ensures that those who need these signs can easily navigate your facility. 

Why is ADA Signage Important?

It is the law – since the ADA is a federal law, all businesses are required to pass compliance inspections. The law mandates that signs adhere to specific guidelines on how signs should be made.

Accessibility that promotes inclusivity – A handicap accessible sign helps customers move around your business with ease through appropriately marked directional signs and identification markers such as an ADA parking sign. A specific example is having visible signage that helps a visually impaired customer find restrooms and other public facilities through contrasting colors and ADA braille signs.

If your business has danger zones as well as rooms where safety equipment is needed to enter, ADA safety signs are a must. This protects your customers and employees from accidents and protects your business as well from any liabilities. 

Uses for ADA Signage

Restroom signs are probably one of the most common applications for accessible signage. This informs customers where to find restrooms as well as identify if these are wheelchair accessible. Custom braille signs help distinguish each restroom.

Directional signs make it convenient for customers to find any publicly accessible area such as elevators, stairwells and the like. Following ADA standards mean having to consider color contrasts, readability, height, placement, and universally accepted symbols indicating accessible amenities.

Any permanent interior room is also required to have ADA guided signs. These include room labels and numbers, conference rooms, utility rooms and any room that has the same function for more than 7 days. 

ADA Signs In Louisville

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Being an ADA compliant business can be overwhelming. Luckily, our team at Louisville Custom Signs is the top wholesale ADA sign manufacturer in Louisville. Our sign experts can help you identify which signs should adhere to ADA standards, which designs meet these standards and how to properly place them in your facility. For more information regarding ADA custom signs, contact us now to start your complementary consulation.