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The more you look around your business space, the more you’ll realize there is plenty of room that can be used to benefit your business. Popularly, windows and walls have been a marketing asset to any company in Louisville.

However, did you know that your floors can add as much value to your brand? With floor graphics, you can turn your floors into a marketing tool!

What Are Floor Decals?

Floor decals and graphics are printed vinyl adhesives that can be applied to your floor. These are made using thin, water-resistant, non-slip vinyl strong enough to withstand heavy traffic.

These vinyl floor signs can be custom-printed with any type of design you need. The possibilities are endless for design, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Adding floor graphics turns your floor space into a valuable advertising resource. Because people tend to look down while walking, you can catch their attention with creative floor signs.

Types of Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are highly versatile. There are many options you can choose from to help your Louisville business. Here are some examples:

  1. Wayfinding arrows and signs
  2. Promotional signs
  3. Branded floor graphics
  4. Caution and hazard signs
  5. Seasonal décor floor decals
  6. Social distancing floor signs

Louisville Custom Signs can create any type of sign depending on your business needs. If you do not see the sign you are looking for,  let us know, and we will collaborate with you to give you the sign you will love! Give us a call today to learn more about design, material options, and the cost of floor graphics.

Uses of Floor Decals

The versatility of floor graphics makes it an ideal solution for multiple purposes. Because of the endless customization options, you can design a sign that will fit your needs.

Need an easy and effective brand boost? Make use of your floor spaces by adding decals of your business name and logo to different parts of your floor spaces to build brand awareness! A great area to do this is in the entranceway of your store or office.

Floor graphics are also excellent promotional tools. Advertising floor signs can make customers curious about your offerings. Also, you can use them to point customers towards the latest in-store deals.

They can also be used as a wayfinding sign. Floor graphics can help point customers in the right direction. These graphics can tell customers the directions to elevators, restrooms, fire exits, and more.

Lastly, floor decals help to keep your Louisville establishment safe. These can be used as cautionary signs, giving vital information to visitors and customers.

Custom Floor Graphics for Disables
Custom Floor Graphics for Disables

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our company takes pride in its commitment to high-quality services that are designed for the long term. From the design, production, and installation of your floor graphics, all work done here will consider how you want them used along with their placement or location so they can be used for as long as possible!

Floor graphics are a cost-effective advertising tool. They’re easy to apply, and you can change them every week or month depending on what works best for your budget.  People tend to look down while walking, so it’s impossible to miss seeing these signs. You’re sure to deliver your message effectively.

Floor graphics can be prone to damage, especially in high-traffic areas. It’s important to cut a radius on any sharp corners after lamination to avoid premature lifting. Also, apply laminates like wax right after the graphics. This lets them hold up to regular wear and resist any immediate damage.

Floor graphics have plenty of uses and benefits for your business. They’re a cost-effective messaging tool that can be used for marketing, branding, and wayfinding. Floor graphics are a unique way to make use of your floors to display your business logo, promote products, and control foot traffic around your store or office.

Floor graphics are designed to withstand regular everyday foot traffic. We use a special type of vinyl and a stronger adhesive to ensure that they remain scratch-resistant and waterproof. The durability of floor graphics allows them to last an average of 6 months before showing any signs of wear and needing to be replaced.

Floor graphics are made using a specific type of vinyl meant for floor use. A 3.4 mil vinyl is the popular choice. These are calendared vinyl printed with UV-cured ink. Laminates are also applied to make them slip-resistant and scratch-resistant. Lastly, it’s made with a strong adhesive layer to make it stick.

Yes, floor tile stickers are removable. They’re designed to stick tightly onto your floor area. However, they can easily be removed when needed. It’s a wonderful solution when you want to change the look of your space. Because they’re removable, you can easily change the designs to keep customers engaged.

Yes, floor graphics are waterproof and ideal for indoor and/or outdoor use. They can be applied to any surface, including concrete, asphalt, and tile. Floor graphics are designed to withstand everyday wear, even outdoor weather conditions. No need to worry about cleaning your floors as these can be washed with commercial cleaning supplies.

Floor decals are a unique and effective solution for your branding, marketing, and wayfinding needs. They’re made with high-quality, durable vinyl material that can be custom-printed and laser-cut to create your specific designs. It’s a great way to catch the attention of your customers and send your message across.

The cost of floor graphics depends on multiple factors. This includes the size, design, and a number of graphics you need. Rest assured, it’s one of the most cost-effective signs you can get for your business. If you need a quote, feel free to contact Louisville Custom Signs and let us know your signage needs.