Best Custom Channel Letter Signs in Louisville, KY

Channel Your Target Audience’s Attention

Times have changed, and so have the ways businesses in Louisville bring their products and services to their target market. Get the right help and channel your audience’s attention to your brand with bright and elegant LED channel letters from Louisville Custom Signs.

What Are Channel Letters?

A channel letter sign is often confused with dimensional letters. But with a closer look, anyone will see the difference. A channel letter is made of hollow aluminum cans with an acrylic face that houses LED lighting.


It is a modern-day innovation of the classic neon signs that were popular in the 1960s. People adored the romantic glow of neon. However, when they found a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative in LED, they quickly switched to this illuminated signage alternative.


Channel letters are also highly customizable. The aluminum material can be shaped into different forms, perfect for making graphics and lettering. You can also choose from a wide array of color options to match your design.


Looking for a trusted channel letter sign company “near me?” Louisville Custom Signs is the top choice of many Louisville business owners. You can expect nothing less than quality sign solutions with excellent customer service from us. Give us a call to learn more!


Pick a Lighting Option

We hold a variety of lighting options for customers to choose from. No one is better than another because the design will depend on your brand’s personality.

Reverse channel letters are also known as halo-lit or backlit channel letters. These are perfect if you prefer a toned-down glow. The faces of halo letters appear as a dark solid surface at night with a soft light glowing all around it. They are typically seen as wall-hung reception area signs in restaurants and coffee shops.

Front-lit channel letters are the ones popularly used by businesses around Louisville. These are illuminated from within the sign. Retail outlets, pharmacies, and hospitals usually go for regular front-lit channel letters with bright faces.

Front-lit/Backlit channel letters use a combination of both front-lit and reverse channel letters. This illuminates your sign from within as well as giving it that eye-catching glow from the back. You also have the option to have different colors for the back and front lights to make it more attractive.

Open face channel letters, as the name suggests, have open front faces. The letter-shaped aluminum frame usually doesn’t have a front enclosure, leaving the light tube exposed. In some cases, an optional clear acrylic face is also available as covering. This gives you a classic, neon-like feel to your sign.

Whether you are located in a strip mall or have a stand-alone building, your business will turn more heads in Louisville with brightly lit LED channel letter signs. 


You can choose from standard font styles, sizes, and colors but custom colors and styles are also available upon request. All you need to do is speak with any of our friendly customer service representatives.

Customization is one of the best qualities of channel letter signage. We can make it to match your exact brand logo and style. This is a great tool for building your brand and making your business more familiar to the local market.

We can fabricate easy-to-read channel letters for outdoor signs or stylish open-face indoor signs that give your brand a voice.

Benefits of Channel Letters

Channel signs are a versatile sign type that creates a lot of value for your Louisville business. Because of how you can customize them, it is a convenient way to give you brand identity. This is especially helpful when used as storefront signs. It makes it easy for customers to know who and what your business is. This signage can also be spotted even from a distance, serving as an effective wayfinding tool for your business. Channel letters also give you plenty of visibility. According to a FedEx study on signage, 60% of businesses benefited from changing their design and enhancing the visibility of their signs. They saw:
  • A positive impact on their sales
  • Increase in number of transactions and profits
  • With an average increase of 10%
Having more visible signs like channel letters can lead you to more business success.

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If you are looking for a reliable channel letter sign company, Louisville Custom Signs is your best choice. We are a full-service company that can design, build, and install quality sign solutions for your business.

Providing turn-key sign products that bring outstanding results to businesses in Louisville is our passion. Our consultative approach to sign manufacturing means we create custom-made signage solutions for all of our happy customers.

If you are looking for a sign partner whose services go beyond project completion, you have come to the right place. We will deliver results that meet and even exceed your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Channel letters offer plenty of versatility. Businesses can use them both indoors and outdoors. Used outdoors, channel letters are one of the most popular choices for storefront signs. They can also accompany monument signs and pylon signs. Indoors, they are great to use for lobby signs and other wall signs.

Channel letters are very flexible. They can be customized to match your exact logo. We can cut and shape your signs to follow your business logo’s font style and colors. It’s a great way to display your logo. When used on your storefront, they are perfect for building familiarity with your brand.

Channel letters are attached using a trim cap. This enables the acrylic front face to be secured to the body of the channel letter. The trim cap is made with top-quality aluminum coated with plastic or anodized to make it flexible enough to go around the shape of the letter.

Channel letters are three-dimensional signs made up of individual letters or characters. They are usually designed to match your business name and logo. Channel letters are made with aluminum and acrylic material and typically come illuminated. They are popularly used as outdoor commercial signs to display the name of your business.

Channel letters are typically made with aluminum and acrylic material. Cut and shaped aluminum sheeting is used for the base and sides of the sign. The front face is made using acrylic material. These are attached using a trim cap. Within the sign, LED bulbs are used to create its illumination.

Reverse channel letters are one of the options you can get. Also known as halo-lit channel letters, these are illuminated from behind, the light reflected onto the wall behind it. LED bulbs surround each letter, leaving the front face unlit. This creates a warm glow or “halo effect” making the sign look more eye-catching.

These are channel letters that are mounted directly onto the wall or facade of the building. We use holes to mount each letter, using the holes to fish the electrical elements through and put them behind the walls. This keeps the power source hidden, creating a cleaner, more professional look.

We use prewired single-color or color-changing RGB modules to illuminate channel letters. This makes installing LED lights easier. These prewired modules are also available in different lengths, perfect for different-sized channel letters. They also usually come with an adhesive backing, making it easier to attach inside or around each letter.

The cost of channel signs varies depending on the materials used, the size of the sign, the complexity of the design, and more. On average, channel letters cost anywhere between $3,000 – $4,000 per sign. Want an exact quote? Contact us today and get a free quote on your channel letter sign needs.

There are different ways we can mount channel letters. The most popular is mounting them on a raceway before attaching them to a wall or building facade. Instead of a raceway, we can also use an oversized backer to attach the channel letters. Lastly, we can mount them directly onto the wall using studs.