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Channel Your Target Audience’s Attention

Times have changed and so have the ways businesses in Louisville bring their products and services to their target market. Get the right help and channel your audience’s attention to your brand with bright and elegant LED channel letters from Louisville Custom Signs.

A channel letter sign is often confused with dimensional letters, but with a closer look anyone will see the difference. A channel letter is made of hollow aluminum cans with an acrylic face that houses LED lighting. It is a modern-day innovation of the classic neon signs that were popular in the 1960’s. People adored the romantic glow of neon but when they found a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative in LED, they quickly switched to this illuminated signage alternative.

Pick a Lighting Option

We hold a variety of lighting options for customers to choose from. No one is better than another because the design will depend on your brand’s personality. Reverse channel letters, also known as halo, reverse channel letters, or backlit channel letters, are perfect if you prefer a toned-down glow. The faces of halo letters appear as a dark solid surface at night with a soft light glowing all around it. They are typically seen as wall-hung reception area signs in restaurants and coffee shops. Retail outlets, pharmacies, and hospitals usually go for regular front lit channel letters with bright faces.

Whether you are located in a strip mall or have your own stand-alone building, your business will turn more heads in Louisville with brightly lit channel letter signs.

Choose Your Font, Size, and Colors

You can choose from standard font styles, sizes, and colors but custom colors and styles are also available upon request. All you need to do is speak with any of our friendly customer service representatives. We can fabricate easy-to-read channel letters for outdoor signs or stylish open-face indoor signs that speak your brand. 

Channel Letter Signs In Louisville, KY

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Why Get Your Custom Channel Letters from Us?

Providing turn-key sign products that bring outstanding results to businesses in Louisville is our passion. Our consultative approach to sign manufacturing means we create custom-made signage solutions for all of our happy customers. If you are looking for a sign partner whose services go beyond project completion, you have come to the right place. We will deliver results that meet and even exceed your expectations.

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