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Custom monument signs are ideal for buildings located far back from the roads or the city’s commercial district. Stone monument signs for instance, can display your company name, logo, address, and contact details so people can easily find or get in touch with you. Wayfinding may be the primary purpose of these gigantic outdoor signs, but there’s more to these captivating pieces of architecture than meets the eye.

Popular Uses for Commercial Monument Signs

Besides pointing people in your direction, visually captivating monument signage can actually raise brand awareness and strengthen your impact in the community. Due to their sheer size and location, both pedestrians and motorists can easily see them. Moreover, compared to static billboards, a monument sign can be designed in so many ways to better represent your organization. How it looks, therefore, says a lot about your business.

Put your best face forward with professionally-designed modern monument signs and make a lasting positive impression on your target audience.

Here are some of the places where an outdoor monument signage is often found.

Choosing the Right Design for Your Business

Metals and aluminum are other materials commonly used in 3D outdoor architectural signage. If you have other ideas in mind, you can always speak with our visual advertising experts and we will help bring your ideas into reality. 

Monument Signs Louisville KY

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Frequently Asked Questions

On average, monument signs cost about $275 per sq ft with average prices ranging from $150 to $400 per square foot.The average monument sign cost is about $275 per sq ft. Costs range from $150 to $400 per square foot.

There are 4 types of monument signs available, they are:

  • Illuminated monument signs (for visual impact and ability to see in the dark),
  • outdoor directory signs, pylon signs (for multiple businesses, used for plazas),
  • post & panel signs, and
  • single building monument signs (long-term and permanent fixture that are used for stand-alone buildings). 

Fabricating monument signs takes a lot of time and effort but can be done in the matter of weeks. The permit acquisition required for the monument sign can take a significant amount of time for design approval before the building/fabrication process can begin.  This also depends on whether it is a new sign or a replacement. 

Modern monument signs often begin with a solid core of molded expanded polystyrene or something similar, bonded onto one or more vertical PVC pipes that will later provide space for the sign’s metal anchorage. Various sub-shapes are individually molded, then assembled into the final, full monument arrangement. The completed structure gets sealed inside a thick layer of resin and fiber, urethane, or textured acrylic, and then cured. This encasement process creates a strong shell that protects the monument against sun, weather, and incidental damages.

These signs have a lightweight, EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) inner foam core that is sprayed with a proprietary hard coat that makes them impervious to rot, termites, and moisture. These signs have long-term durability, lightweight, and can be tailored to any custom need making them versatile, long wearing, and beautiful.

If you are on a strict budget with a vision, then foam monument signs made of EPS should be your choice. Other materials include aluminum and metal, plastics, wood, stone and brick masonry, and poured concrete.