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Maximize every available piece of real estate in your business and reach a wider audience with high quality fleet wraps. Mobile out-of-home advertising is the most cost-effective way of introducing your brand to the community. Turn your fleet into a formidable advertising mechanism with vinyl wraps and graphics from Louisville Custom Signs.

Why Use Commercial Fleet Wraps?

Your company vehicle is just another vehicle on the road unless you wrap them in eye-catching graphics that allow them to stand out from the crowd. Take this opportunity to convert motorists into potentially paying customers with the help of fleet vehicle wraps. Have yours designed and installed by our visual marketing experts.

Our vinyl wraps are digitally printed with premium quality UV ink and are therefore fade and weather resistant. They can display your company name and logo in full color and remain vibrant for years, thereby allowing you to make the most of your one-time investment. Not to mention, full wraps help preserve your vehicle’s original paint for a higher resale value.

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What to Look for in a Good Design

You can choose from our gallery of designs or have one customized to meet a specific marketing objective. Whatever your design is, it is always best to use highly contrasting colors and an easy-to-read font style to ensure readability. Remember, a majority of your audience is on the road and have very limited time to read your content. Keep your message short and on-point and avoid complex designs.  At Louisville Custom Signs, our friendly graphic design specialists can help you come up with elegant fleet graphics that people stuck in traffic would be pleased to stare at. 

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Why Choose Us for Your Mobile Advertising Needs

Whether you own one company vehicle or a fleet of cargo vans traveling across the United States on a regular basis, you can count on us to provide with you a turn-key sign solution that delivers exceptional results. We use only premium quality vinyl materials and use modern installation methods to ensure your wraps remain in good condition for several years down the road. If, for some reasons, you wish to remove and replace your wraps, we can professionally remove them as well without damaging the surface of your vehicles.

Call Louisville Custom Signs today to speak with our fleet wrapping experts and get a free quote. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet graphics are effective marketing and branding tools. They advertise a business’s products and services, while also generating brand recognition. What makes these signs unique is that wherever a vehicle travels, a business’s message travels with it. Finally, these wraps also establish a professional image for businesses that use fleets.

The best way to optimize a fleet is to install matching graphics on every vehicle. Besides branding and advertising, fleet graphics are used to display critical information, such as DOT numbers. Businesses can also incorporate their own numbering system in the graphics design to track and organize vehicles on the road. This will ensure compliance with regulatory laws while optimizing a fleet’s operations.

At Louisville Custom Signs, we understand that every fleet has unique needs and specifications. During a consultation, our professional sign and graphics company will ask some preliminary questions, including about the types of vehicles in the fleet and the size of the fleet. This will help us determine the cost and timeline of your graphics project.

Fleet efficiency refers to examining aspects of a fleet, including the vehicles, drivers, and operations. By optimizing these factors, businesses can maximize their revenue and provide exceptional service. Fleet graphics can assist in this process by helping businesses organize their vehicles with identification numbers or other essential information. Contact our team to learn more.

Fleets are commonly used by businesses in industries such as transportation services, professional deliveries, manufacturing, and distribution. These industries can quickly transport goods, services, and people where they are needed. Fleet graphics can be used to distinguish these vehicles for identification and branding.

A fleet’s operations heavily depend on the industry they are in. For commercial trucks in the distribution sector, they transport materials and products from manufacturing plants to retail outlets for consumers. A fleet of taxis in a city provides customers with transportation to a specific destination. Vehicle graphics are essential and beneficial for all fleets across diverse industries.

Fleet graphics include vinyl vehicle wraps and decals. Wraps can fully or partially cover a vehicle’s exterior with a company’s unique message, eye-catching designs, and crucial information. Smaller decals, such as a business logo placed on a vehicle’s door, are also available. These graphics are installed on a vehicle to provide advertising and generate new business leads.

Fleets can be found anywhere – from small towns to large cities – and across diverse industries. At Louisville Custom Signs, we provide premium, high-quality graphics to fleets of all sizes in Louisville and the surrounding area. Contact our team today to begin transforming your fleet with these innovative graphics.

Any business that has a commercial fleet can use graphics and benefit from the advantages they offer. When you partner with the experts at Louisville Custom Signs, we’ll create stunning graphics that align with your brand identity and fulfill the necessary legal regulations. Give us a call to discover how fleet graphics can take your business to the next level.

The longevity of a fleet wrap varies and depends on several factors. In general, professional fleet wraps last between five and seven years. Be sure to follow all maintenance information to preserve your wrap. While vinyl vehicle wraps are UV resistant, limiting a wrap’s exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time will keep the design looking fresh for years.