Real Estate Signage: How to Create Signs That Sell

Real Estate Signs

In the competitive industry of real estate, it’s not always just about the properties you sell. It’s also about how you present yourself as a brand and a business. After all, real estate involves significant investments. It’s crucial to build a professional and credible brand image.

Creating Effective Real Estate Signs

Are you looking for an effective way to build your brand image as a real estate agent in Louisville, KY? It may be time to invest in the right custom real estate signs this year!

Signs are excellent messaging tools, especially in the real estate industry. They help put out essential information that can catch an interested buyer’s attention. However, not all signs are created equal.

For this reason, it’s important to know which types of signs and designs can help generate leads and potential sales. Here, are some tips from our experienced real estate sign makers.

It’s important to highlight your brand.

The real estate industry is competitive as it gets. One of the easiest ways for your properties to stand out is to raise brand awareness and recognition. This means making sure your signs include branding elements, like your logo and brand colors.

Keep your custom real estate signs legible.

Most often than not, people will view your signs while in motion. This can be while driving or walking down a street or property. As such, you want to ensure your signs are readable at first glance.

Increase your sign’s readability by:

  1. Choosing easy-to-read font styles.
  2. Consider color contrasts, especially when harsh sunlight hits your signs.
  3. Keep white spaces available. This makes details and information pop out.

Remember that less can be more.

You’ve made sure that clients are not overwhelmed by the design of your sign. Now, you should also make sure that they don’t get overwhelmed with the content.

When your sign is viewed while in motion, you only have a few seconds to deliver your message. For this reason, you want to only include relevant information on your signs. Too many details can be distracting and may cause people to turn away.

Only include key information, like:

  1. Real estate agent/agency name and business logo
  2. The listing agent’s contact number
  3. Website

Choose an experienced real estate sign maker.

Lastly, it’s important to choose a local sign maker that you can trust to deliver your signage needs. Make your signs count by partnering with a sign company experienced in real estate signage.

This ensures that they understand key elements that make for an effective sign. Local sign makers also have a better understanding of your local market. As such, they would have a better idea of the type of designs that work.

Your Full-Service Sign Company in Louisville, KY

Louisville Sign Company is a full-service sign maker that designs, creates, and installs your signage needs. We have years of experience producing eye-catching and engaging real estate signs.

Whether you need one sign or multiple signs for your property listings, we can deliver! Give us a call today to get a free quote on your signage needs.

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