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A FedEx study on signage found that 60% of consumers won’t enter a business because of the absence of signs. Don’t miss the opportunity to attract your target audience. Drive more traffic to your business in Louisville with the right storefront signs today.

What is a Storefront Sign?

Storefront signs are any type of sign that adorns your business’s storefront. They help give identity to your business by displaying your business name and logo. These signs can be freestanding or attached to your storefront.

Need storefront signs in Louisville? Louisville Custom Signs offers a wide range of sign options for your storefront needs. Ask us about the types of signs, materials, and the cost of storefront signs by giving us a call today.

Types of Storefront Signs

  1. Channel Letters – three-dimensional signs are used to showcase your business name and logo. They can typically be found above your storefront. These lighted storefront signs are great when you want 24-hour storefront visibility.
  2. Window Graphics – these are vinyl adhesives applied to your storefront windows. They can be used in different ways, from branding to promoting deals and more. Adding these to your windows makes your storefront come alive.
  3. Hanging Signs – signs that hung from your storefront’s ceiling. They are used to display your business name or logo. These are usually elevated, facing the direction of incoming foot traffic.
  4. Custom Banners – flags or banners used to catch the attention of people driving or walking by. These outdoor signs can be used to introduce your business or advertise deals and promotions.

Uses of Storefront Signs

Storefront signs are a crucial addition to any company. Their many uses can benefit your Louisville business in various ways.


Custom storefront signs play a crucial role in raising awareness for your brand. They are usually the customer’s first point of contact with your business. Introducing your brand early on is great for brand familiarity and recall.


Business storefront signs are also excellent promotional tools. They can help display product and service features. This builds interest for your various offerings, affecting the buying decisions of your customers.

Have an upcoming or ongoing in-store sale? These signs drive more foot traffic to your business and potentially increase sales and profit.


Lastly, storefront signs are essential wayfinding tools. Research shows that 35% of customers wouldn’t even know your business exists without signs. Having signs on your storefront ensures people know exactly where to find you in Louisville.

High-Quality Storefront Signs “Near Me”

Investing in the right storefront signs can significantly affect the success of your business. Know which signs are right for you by relying on an experienced sign maker for help.

Here in Louisville, business owners continue to choose Louisville Custom Signs for their signage needs. Our goal is not just to deliver premium signs made with the best materials. We create signs that reflect your brand and attract the attention of more customers.

Whether you need metal storefront signs, window graphics, or any other types of signage, we can help! Contact us today to learn more and we’ll give you a free quote.

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Don’t pass up the opportunity to impress your customers. Louisville Custom Signs has specialists that can help devise an indoor signage system that pays for itself.

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