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In an environment where businesses compete for people’s attention, it’s important to find ways to stand out. If you’re trying to promote your business in Louisville, it may be time to invest in business signs. These signs help showcase your business, indoors and outdoors, and draw more people to your space

What is a Business Sign?

Business signs are your silent customer service and sales representatives. They promote your business, products, and services while simultaneously creating the right experience for your customers.

These signs are found both indoors and outdoors, as they are necessary marketing and branding tools in setting your business apart from competitors. The important roles these signs play makes it crucial to partner with the right sign partner in Louisville. For high-quality sign solutions, call Louisville Custom Signs today.

Types of Business Signs

Outdoor Business Signs

These are signs that are found outside your space; they are responsible for attracting customers to your business in Louisville and so much more. There are several types to choose from, including:

Exterior corporate signs do more than promote your business. They’re also essential wayfinding tools. The presence of these signs makes it easier to find your business, especially in crowded locations.

Interior Business Signs

Outdoor signs may be responsible for drawing customers to your business. However, the signs inside your space create an environment that makes customers want to stay and/or return. These signs are also vital to your business in leaving a lasting impression.

Indoor signs help welcome customers, point them in the right direction, and create a comfortable space. Some of our top picks include:

Uses of Business Signs

The cost of business signs can be significant, especially in the beginning. However, the many ways you can use them for your benefit make it worthwhile in the end, including:

  • Wayfinding and Identification: Business signs make it possible for people to find and identify your business. In competitive environments, these signs assist people in spotting your business, even from afar.
  • Marketing: Commercial signs are used to feature products, services, promotions, or events. Pique people’s interest and influence their buying decisions with the right signage.
  • Branding: Custom business signs are also used to increase brand awareness and encourage recognition. When these signs are designed to embody your brand, using your brand colors, themes, and more, they boost the professionalism and reliability associated with your business. Display your business logo frequently to generate valuable impressions at each point of contact

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Are you ready to make your business stand out in Louisville? Invest in eye-catching business signs from Louisville Custom Signs today.

As a full-service sign company, we handle the design, production, and installation of your signage. We offer a wide selection of sign options, from lighted business signs to dimensional signage, which means we will find your perfect sign. Discover what’s in store for your company when you give us a call today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Determining what to include on a business sign is unique to the purpose and type of sign. Large, illuminated storefront signs are designed to draw customers to a location and include a business’s name and logo, whereas directional signs guide people to a specific location. By teaming up with a professional sign company, our experts will recommend what to include on a custom sign, so it fulfills your needs.

A business sign isn’t just important; it is a critical investment. Signs communicate essential messages such as contact information, product and service offerings, and operating hours. These tools also provide a platform for branding and marketing. To learn about the full significance of business signs, contact Louisville Custom Signs today.


The best way to create a business sign is to team up with a professional sign company like Louisville Custom Signs. Besides our vast signage selection, we offer a customized experience for each client tailored to their business goals. Our specialty is designing, manufacturing, and installing custom signs with a level of service unavailable from generic sign retailers.

Vinyl signage is extremely versatile and affordable, offering businesses a solution with a high return on investment. Whether using a vinyl sign as the primary store sign, creating a captivating storefront with window graphics, or promoting a special event with a banner, vinyl signage can boost business profits.

In addition to branding and marketing, signage is critical for wayfinding, safety, and organization. Some signs, such as ADA signs, are required by the law in public spaces to provide access to people with disabilities. Contact Louisville Custom Signs to learn how our products can elevate your business.

The materials used to fabricate an outdoor sign will depend on a business’s needs, the type of sign being made, and the climate. Metal, acrylic, poured concrete, wood, and vinyl are frequently used to manufacture outdoor signs. After performing a site assessment and learning more about your business goals, a signage expert will recommend the best material for your outdoor project.

The lifespan of a business sign varies depending on the type of sign, its location, and how it is maintained. Interior office signs made from metal or acrylic could easily last decades in the right conditions, whereas outdoor signage lasts between three and ten years. Their exposure to weather conditions impacts their longevity.

Using signage helps your business:

  • Build trust with your target audience
  • Affirm a business’s commitment to professionalism
  • Help people navigate to your location
  • Optimize operations for employees
  • Promote an organized environment
  • Display critical safety information
  • Enhance a location’s security

A business sign can have many purposes. Exterior business signs are used to promote a business and its location, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These signs are critical for drawing customers to a location. Once people enter an establishment, interior business signs create a comfortable environment by identifying amenities and assisting with wayfinding.

Often, business signs include the name, logo, slogan, and contact information of a business. However, the function of the sign traditionally determines the kind of information included. For example, if the sign’s purpose is to display hours of operation, that’s what will be included. Contact us today to get started on your business signage.