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The old saying goes: “first impressions last.” This holds true even in the marketing industry. The first impression you create may make or break your image, which is why it is vital to make a positive one. Let lobby signs help you make a good first impression.

Custom lobby signs are the signs you find in the lobby or reception area which typically includes the company’s name and logo. It welcomes customers and lets them know they have arrived at the right place.

Benefits of Lobby Displays

Lobby Signage Options for Your Needs

There are a number of options available for custom reception signs, and it all depends on your business needs.

Do vinyl printed wall graphics for a simple but vibrant design. This is great for adding more text and imagery to your sign. 3D lobby signs on the other hand make your signage pop and bring more depth to your lobby display.

For an extra boost, backlit lobby signs are also an option. Create that wow factor with illuminated front desk signs that customers will remember. Lastly, acrylic panel signs are great for more professional, sophisticated office reception signage.

Should you have other options in mind or an idea you would like to explore, our team at Louisville Custom Signs will be more than happy to discuss these with you.

Louisville Lobby Signs

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