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The real estate industry is by far one of the most competitive markets around. With the pressure to always stand out, agencies have to ensure their marketing strategies are top notch. At Louisville Custom Signs, we are committed to creating signs for real estate that guarantee leads and sales. 

What is a Real Estate Sign?

Real estate signage pertains to signs that point to open houses or advertise properties for sale or rent in Louisville, or wherever you might be located. These signs are aimed at both people wanting to buy or sell their home or commercial space. 

Custom real estate signs help real estate agencies promote their company as well as their property listings in Louisville. It is how real estate agents gain better visibility for potential clients who are looking to buy or sell their homes or space.

The best real estate signs come from experienced sign experts. Louisville Custom Signs understands the competitive nature of the real estate industry. We offer a variety of sign options that are sure to get you in front of your target audience. Give us a call today for your real estate business sign needs.


Real estate signs help get you on the right track in the Louisville real estate industry. These signs help move your business forward in a lot of different ways. Here are some advantages of getting the right signs: 

Real Estate Signage Options for My Business

While yard signs might be the most used signage by realtors, there are a myriad of options to choose from. These may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

At Louisville Custom Signs, we only use high-quality materials that are sure to hold up even in harsh weather conditions. What is most common among these signs is ensuring that you include essential information to influence your client’s buying decision. Information such as your company name, services, and contact information are helpful to gain leads and possibly close deals. 

Effective Uses of Real Estate Signs and Graphics

One of the best things about signs for real estate is the wide range of options available. This ensures there is a sign that is perfect for your various needs. Here are some popular uses of real estate signs:

  1. For Sale Properties: The most common use of these signs is to indicate available properties. Houses, lands, or buildings need signs for people to know they are up for grabs.
    H-frames, L-frames, and banners are good examples of effective signs for this purpose.
  1. Open House Events: These signs are used to promote ongoing open house events. These are usually signs placed along the road to attract the attention of motorists.
    Real estate yard signs like A-frames and feather flags point people towards where the open house is. This is an effective way to drive more traffic to your real estate events.
  1. Developer Information: Signs are also needed whenever there is a new or ongoing project site. These signs usually include important details like the name of the project and real estate contact information.
    Examples of these are custom aluminum metal real estate signs and pole signs.
  1. Sold Properties: Aside from for-sale properties, signs are also used to indicate properties that are already off the market. These are usually added right before the owners move into the home or building.
    Sold signs are a great way to build your credibility as a real estate agent. When potential buyers see your name and logo, they will identify you as a legitimate broker.
  1. Commercial Spaces for Rent/Lease: Real estate signage is also used to indicate properties or spaces for rent/lease. These are common for commercial spaces. The most common of these signs include vinyl banners and window clings. 

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We are a full-service sign company ready to assist you in making an impact on the real estate industry in Louisville. Let us walk you through the design process as well as fabrication to ensure that we not only meet, but also exceed your signage expectations. Contact our team of experts at Louisville Custom Signs today for more information and get a free quote. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Real estate signs are signage that is placed in heavy traffic areas creating large impressions about your brand. They indicate the property is for sale, lease or exchange; directions to the property; the owner’s or agent’s name, etc. These signs can easily be placed outside a property, making it an effective advertising tool for your business.

The two most common materials are Coroplast and Aluminum. Coroplast is a corrugated plastic and Aluminum is a lightweight metal.

Placing and hammering a metal frame into the ground is the most important step, making the sign sturdy. Once the metal frame has been placed, attach the wooden post onto the frame.

Now, place the wooden frame horizontally on the vertical wooden post, securing it on the post and hang your sign from the post.

Signs usually indicate an “Open House” or “For Sale” or “For Lease” and, in addition, may contain the following: a directional arrow graphic, the listing agent’s name, the agent’s company name, and the agent’s contact information. Many states require a license number to be included.

Real estate signs are cost dependent on size, material and quantity. Give us a call to find out more.

Typical dimensions of real estate signs include 12″x18″, 18″x24″, 24″x36″, and sometimes as large as 4’X8’.