Why Custom Lobby Signs Are a Good Option for Your Business

Lobby Signs

While outdoor signs are crucial to creating a positive first impression for your business, the moment customers walk through your front doors, it’s up to your indoor signs to reinforce that impression. Often, the first thing customers see when they enter is the sign in your lobby.

Lobby signs display your business name, logo, and other important details. However, when designed intentionally, they can do so much more for your business. These signs become a visual representation of your brand. As such, customizing your sign to reflect your brand is a must.

Make a Unique Statement with Custom Office Lobby Signs

The signs in your lobby help to showcase your unique brand and make a memorable statement. This is something that is made possible with customized designs. Generic signage, for instance, includes standard font styles, colors, and designs, which leaves little to no room to let your brand shine.

Customized signs, however, give you the freedom to showcase who your business is and what it prioritizes. From educating customers on your company’s values and culture to identifying your brand, displaying personalized content engages customers and builds trust and familiarity in your brand.

Custom Lobby Signs Are Tailored to Your Space

Each business has a unique brand, space, and work environment, which results in special requirements for signage. Customized signs allow clients of ours to outline all their requirements at the beginning of the design process, so we can create a sign tailored to the space. For instance, the signage size is determined by the size of your available space.

Understanding the placement of a sign is crucial during the creation of a seamless design. You can avoid the risk of obstructions getting in the way of customers’ line of sight. Custom designs ensure that your signs fit perfectly in its allotted space.

Customization also gives you the freedom to choose elements that complement your sign based on your space. For example, you can add light options to signs that will be installed in a lobby that is dark and doesn’t experience much sunlight throughout the day. Your sign will be visible and eye-catching because it was personalized to the specific location.

Lobby Signs Reinforce Your Brand Identity

As the first thing customers encounter when they enter, the signs in your lobby are integral to reinforcing your brand identity. They display branding details that increase recognition and recall. This often results in building your customer’s trust and confidence in your business.

The simple use of your unique brand logo, colors, or even font style creates a familiarity that customers can rely on. From the get-go, they know that they have entered a business that they are comfortable working with.

Get Custom Office Lobby Signs Today

While generic signs may be more affordable and easier to obtain, investing in customized signs for your lobby makes a significant impact on your brand and business.

Louisville Custom Signs is a full-service sign company that can design, create, and install your custom signage needs. We create signs that are tailored to your brand, business, and overall aesthetic. Feel free to talk to us about your design vision today! Contact us for your lobby sign needs and get a free quote.

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