Turn Your Vehicles into Mobile Advertising Boards with Custom Vehicle Wraps

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of having an entire fleet of company vehicles wrapped in pictures (or graphics), driving around Louisville, KY promoting your business! The value of reaching thousands of potential new clients every day is priceless.

Transform Your Vehicles into Moveable Billboards with Vinyl Vehicle Wraps:

  • From lettering to full vehicle wraps. We can turn your vehicles or fleet into mobile billboards. A full vinyl vehicle wrap includes all four sides and even the roof. A sporting goods store could attract attention by using full-color graphics of a family cycling or skiing. A restaurant could use beautiful pictures of their dining room or mouth-watering menu items. A beverage company could visually tell the story of their brand or introduce a new flavor. The sky is the limit when it comes to custom designing a look to best reflect your business.
  • Use your delivery vans or corporate vehicles to promote your company story. Vehicle wraps present a great opportunity to use your fleet to its full potential. A pharmacy or health company could use messaging on their vehicles to promote free home delivery. A restaurant could promote a new second location—you get the idea.
  • Have message will travel. Instead of paying for a billboard on a busy downtown street or freeway, use the space on your company vehicles to promote your company’s products and services with inexpensive custom vehicle wraps. Whether doing ‘business as usual’ or intentionally driving your vehicles on freeways and to public places, the more they are seen, the more this increases your brand awareness.
  • Promote your message 24/7, rain or shine. Durable vinyl vehicle wraps are created to withstand the weather and help protect your vehicles. Expect a wrap to last several years, but they can also be easily removed to reflect current promotions. If a company has recently introduced a new product, why not promote it all over town with vans, cars and trucks wrapped with the new logo and graphics and a happy customer enjoying it?
  • Almost any vehicle can be customized with vinyl graphics. Cars, trucks, vans and even small transport buses or large tour buses can be customized. Do you own a travel agency or tour company? Why not promote your 2021 cruises or that new villa in Tuscany? Use your social media handles to engage customers.
  • Vehicle wraps help increase brand recognition, awareness, and sales. If your vehicles are being seen all over town advertising that new product or a new restaurant, this increases the awareness of the product, service and business and keeps you top of mind with customers.

Be seen, get noticed. We will show you how at Louisville Custom Signs. Call us today for a complementary consultation with one of our sign experts.

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