Trade Show Displays: How They Improve Your Odds of Success

trade show displays Louisville, KY

Home shows, design shows, health and wellness show, RV, and boat shows–you name it, consumer trade shows have become extremely popular. It’s to the point that even during a pandemic, we’re trying to find ways to keep this business practice alive in some way. Corporate trade shows have always been a popular way for companies to promote their products to buyers, distributers, and consumers. No matter if you are selling flavored olive oil, jewellery or medical devices, a custom designed trade show display will help you stand out in a crowd at shows in Louisville and beyond.

Tricks to Ensure Your Trade Show Display Gets Noticed

  1. Think Outside the Box: It used to be that trade show booths were cookie cutter boxes with four portable walls. Today, trade show displays are lightweight, portable and state-of-the-art. They are designed to attract and engage customers to your booth. Custom graphics can be used as the display booth as the walls or backdrop or can be incorporated into certain elements of the design. While you may display the newest boats or cars, a backdrop of someone driving that boat or car and enjoying your product means that customers can relate to what you are selling. Set the scene and create a mood with vinyl wall graphics, light box displays and more. It is like taking your company on the road visually.
  2. Engage, Entertain and Invite Customers to Feel, Touch, See or Sample Your Products. Successful trade show booth displays are designed to draw people your booth to sample your products or walk around your pop-up displays or modular displays. Hands-on displays can be displayed on island counters. While draws, giveaways, trial subscriptions and taste tests are still popular ways to attract people to your booth, you can engage customers using touch-screen technology.
  3. Offer something people want and need. Everyone knows what it is like to be at a trade show all day and your phone battery is dying and you need to find your friends or call a cab. An innovative idea is to offer a free phone charging station to draw customers into your booth.
  4. Entice people to engage through social media. Have a fun and attention-grabbing element that people want to photograph and post on social media. This can be a giant stuffed polar bear, a mascot or even a celebrity. We can design custom signage and trade show displays to tie-in the theme.
  5. Trade show displays create a first impression—make it a good one! A well-designed trade show display increases brand awareness and has the potential to attract a new customer base. Having a great display will pay for itself over and over again, show after show.

At Louisville Custom Signs we are proud to craft excellent portable trade show displays for other Louisville businesses. We know trade shows and what works. Let us help design and create a display that makes you stand out in a crowd. Call us today for a complementary consultation.

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