Storefront Signs: Inviting Impressions for Business Brilliance

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Businesses are constantly striving to make a strong first impression on customers. The key to achieving this goal is through custom storefront signs. In fact, one survey found that 33% of customers are drawn into unfamiliar stores because of their signs. Professional storefront signs introduce your company to potential customers, while actively shaping their perception of your brand. 

In this blog, we’ll share the primary advantages of different storefront signs and how businesses can use them to make a memorable impact. 

Channel Letters

Channel letters instantly draw attention to your storefront, putting your business on the map. The unique design of these signs is unmistakable – they have a bold, 3D shape customized to your brand’s logo. Sign makers use durable aluminum sheeting and acrylic panels to construct these signs to provide businesses with effective and long-lasting signage. Channel letters also have numerous illumination options, so businesses can use brilliant, energy-efficient LED lights to make a striking statement with these signs. 

Dimensional Letters

Do you want to add a sophisticated image to your storefront? Look no further than dimensional letters. Whether these signs are made from premium acrylic or brushed aluminum, they’ll get your branding across and captivate your target market. These signs’ distinct style effectively piques the interest of passersby because of their prominence and enhanced legibility. Dimensional letters can be installed directly on a building’s façade or on a backing panel, depending on your preferences. Explore backlit dimensional letters for a modern take on these commercial storefront signs

Cabinet Signs

Customize cabinet signs with your company’s branding to upgrade your storefront and make a lasting impression on customers. These hollow signs are illuminated from within using an LED lighting system, which brilliantly highlights your chosen messaging. While they are typically rectangular, a professional sign maker can make unique designs that align with your branding. Explore mounting cabinet signs as blade signs that hang over pedestrian corridors for added visibility. These signs will capture the attention of potential customers from all directions and guide them to your storefront.

Window Film and Graphics 

Window film and graphics allow every business to incorporate their brand’s message and maximize the use of their storefront space. These signs can serve as the primary business sign or provide additional information to customers. Window graphics also make stunning seasonal or temporary displays, providing companies with a versatile signage tool. Whether you’re looking to display your brand’s logo with custom decals or want to install full-panel graphics, contact a professional sign company to start transforming your storefront into a unified brand statement. 

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