5 Easy Tips to Make Exterior Business Signs More Effective

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“Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign…” sang The Five Man Electrical Band. They have a point. Today there seems to be signs everywhere. So, how can you ensure your sign stands out amongst that sea of signs? Businesses in Louisville know it begins with having a custom designed outdoor sign which reflects your company image and allows you to stand out against the competition.

That is a tall task. Our creative team have lots of new and innovative ideas and will work with you to ensure you get a sign that you will be proud to showcase for years to come.

5 Tips to Make Your Exterior Signs More Effective:

  1. Location is key to readability. Do a drive-by test past the front entrance of your building to determine the ideal spot for your sign. It needs to be easily seen by drivers passing by, preferably at their eye level. It should ideally be situated directly in front of your building and close to your front entrance.
  2. Go big or go home. Your exterior business signs have one job to do—attract people to your location and get them in the door. They need to be highly visible from a distance.
  3. Be distinctive. When everyone in town refers to ‘the sign in the shape of the chicken’, you know the chicken restaurant has the right custom outdoor sign for their business. People know it. People remember it. Many custom exterior pylon and monument signs become landmarks.
  4. Reflect your business personality. Signs are like a blank canvas that can be designed using many types of materials, from rustic wooden signs to sleek, elegant glass, stone or metal corporate signs, our team will work with you to design a look that says ‘this is us’.
  5. Lights, color…action! LED signs and light box or back lit signs ensure your message is visible day and night. Bold, bright colors like orange, yellow and red pop and add excitement. Colors like blues and greens evoke a feeling of relaxation or the sea making them ideal for health spas, soap companies and more. Custom shapes help make your sign memorable. The use of white space (or plain space) allows your company name and logo to stand out against the plain background and adds a touch of class to your sign. Companies can increase revenues by using LED or reader graph signs to advertise their 2 for 1 sale and create a sense of urgency.
  6. We know we said 5, but…. use both sides of your sign! This doubles your exposure and messaging capability. Attract attention from drivers coming and going. A pylon or monument sign is ideal for this. Two sides are better than one!

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