Floor Decals: The Most Effective Tools for Navigation and Promotion

Social Distancing Floor Decals for Business in Louisville, KY

Customer experience has been one of the primary ways to measure business success. Companies look for different, creative ways for customers to have a positive experience in their space. One specific way businesses do this is through their signs.

With the rise of technology, there are many available interior and exterior signs that can enhance your facility in Louisville, KY. However, one often overlooked but highly effective type of signage is custom floor graphics.

The Advantage of Looking Down

As it is human nature to look down – especially since many people are looking down at their phones – floor signs are a simple yet effective way to catch customers’ attention.

Vinyl floor decals are great for making use of empty floor space without interfering with foot traffic. These are helpful in areas with high foot traffic, especially when trying to convey important company information. Impossible to ignore floor designs provide the perfect opportunity to promote your business and boost your brand.


As previously mentioned, it is human nature for people to look down. As such, making use of floor space to put wayfinding signs helps customers easily navigate their way through your facility. This is especially useful in large, crowded places.

Floor navigational decals are great to use in hospitals, schools, airports, busy office complexes, and event spaces such as trade shows and arenas. These directional signs allow for a more organized traffic flow, which makes for a more positive experience.


One of the most common and effective ways floor decal are used is found in retail. It is a great way to efficiently use every inch of store space, regardless if you are a big shopping mall or a small local store.

Since these are made of high-quality printed vinyl, floor stickers are easy to install and remove or replace when needed. This makes floor graphics perfect for seasonal sales and promotions. Moreover, floor signs don’t take much time and cost to make, making it easier to jump from one seasonal store event to another.

The versatility of these floor signs makes them worth investing in.

Social Distancing

In these specific times of the pandemic, social distancing has been a mandate everywhere. Custom floor graphics are a particularly helpful navigational tool for stores and companies to remind patrons to stay 6 feet apart.

Use vinyl floor decals to indicate where customers can stand to ensure social distancing at entrances and check-out counters. Supermarkets can put markers in one-way aisles as well as which areas are off-limits.

High-Quality Floor Signs in Louisville, KY

Floor graphics undoubtedly add value to your business space. Ensure that you are getting high-quality, professionally made vinyl decals with Louisville Custom Signs. Our signage experts committed to providing excellent products and services. Let us help you build a more positive customer experience with your wayfinding and promotional needs! Contact us today and get a free floor decal consultation.

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