Custom LED Signs Bring Your Business into the 21st Century

Eternity Now LED Signs for Business in Louisville, KY

In this competitive market space, businesses are continuously searching for different ways to stand out. You always have to be innovative and up to date with the latest technologies and trends in signage.

Updating your signs is a good move, as studies have shown that new signage brings an increase in profit for your business. If you are looking for a way to outshine the competition in Louisville, KY, nothing competes with the modern look that a custom LED lighted sign brings.

Light Up Your Business

Commonly, LED signs are associated with retro neon signs. However, sign companies have now incorporated the neon look to different signage types such as channel letter signs, monument signs, lobby plaques, and the like. LED lights give these traditional signs a more modern appearance, making it more eye-catching and harder to miss.

The versatility of LED lighted signs is incomparable, which makes them a worthwhile investment. These can be used indoors and outdoors. They can be applied to your signs in different ways, depending on the effect you’re looking for. Front-lit signs are illuminated from within while backlit ones have LED lights at the back, creating a glow or “halo” effect.

A Worthwhile Signage Investment

When adding or updating your signs, it is important to choose options that ensure a return on investment. Here are some reasons LED lighted signs are a wise choice:

LED lights are cost-effective. Aside from using less electricity, an LED’s lifespan is one of the longest of any lighting system. They are durable and can withstand the wears and tears of time as well as harsh weather conditions.

Your initial investment is just about the same as other sign options, with the added perks of energy-efficiency and optimal exposure. You can enjoy the returns of having outdoor LED signs for years to come.

Maximum brand exposure is another advantage of an LED lit sign. The bright lighting stands out, making your sign highly visible even in a sea of other signage. Outdoor LED signs are visible any time of the day or night, catching attention from customers and passersby 24/7.

As a result of maximum brand exposure, your business can enjoy customer recall and recognition. The more visible you are, the more your business will be top of mind. Unique, modern lighted signage will surely do the trick for you.

Light it Up in Louisville

Whether you want to add or update your business signs, LED type signs will surely give a more professional and polished look that will drive more business and profit your way. Our team at Louisville Custom Signs uses their experience and expertise to craft the best-lighted signs for you. Expect nothing less than signs made with quality materials that best suit your company’s needs. Learn more about LED lighted signs from our experts today, and get a complimentary consultation!

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