4 Simple Storefront Signs That Enhance Your Brand

Storefront Signs

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your storefront signage pops. 

A clean, crisp storefront design incorporating your brand’s colors, fonts, and graphic elements increases brand recognition and sets the tone for your customers.  

Custom Storefront Signs are Your First Touchpoint

Is your brand fun and playful? Or more classic, solid, and reliable? 

Think about your storefront as your first interaction with your customers. A well-designed storefront helps your customers better understand who you are and what you do. 

Here are four simple storefront signs that will improve your brand recognition: 

Custom-Cut Vinyl Lettering 

Vinyl lettering refers to individually-cut letters, numbers, shapes, graphics, or even simple logos. 

Due to its adhesive strength, durability, and impressive range of colors and finishes, vinyl has become one of the most popular storefront sign options in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Vinyl can create the classic look of a hand-painted sign without the chipping and fading. You can also double your brand impact using custom vinyl on your front doors in combination with other storefront signs. 

Best For: Breweries, boutiques, convenience stores, salons, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, any retail space or office with large storefront windows. 

Monument Signs 

These freestanding outdoor signs can be a significant investment, but they are also attention-grabbing and difficult to ignore. 

Commercial monument signs are constructed out of faux stone, brick, wood, or other architectural materials. They convey a sense of strength and stability to potential customers. 

Even more importantly, monument signs live close to the road in a highly visible location, enhancing your brand and driving more traffic to your business. 

Best For: Financial services companies, churches, healthcare providers, government buildings, national parks & landmarks, industrial parks, gated communities. 

Channel Letters 

Another fully customizable storefront sign choice is channel letters. These three-dimensional shapes and letters can turn a blah, beige retail space into a stand-out. 

Channel letters are highly visible, so customers will be able to find you from the road. You can also add lighting to bring even more visibility to your business. 

Designing your storefront with channel letters gives you tons of options because they’re incredibly versatile. Channel letter signage can look sleek and modern, chic and classic, and everything in between. Get creative! 

Best For:  Any business. These 3D signs work well for all kinds of companies. 

Exterior Hanging Signs 

Last but not least, consider an exterior hanging sign to direct foot traffic to your business. These storefront signs usually extend out from above the door to your business and hang down to just above eye level. 

A custom hanging sign can feel vintage, unique, whimsical, and welcoming. 

Best For: Candy shops, dentist offices, barber shops, toy shops, any business in an area with heavy foot traffic. 

Where Can I Find Professional Storefront Signs Near Me? 

Whether you’re looking for a new storefront, wayfinding signage, or a trade show display, Louisville Custom Signs is the go-to provider for Kentucky businesses.

Our dedicated team can help you if you’re not sure where to start. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process of creating the perfect storefront signage. 

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