What You Need to Know About Pylon Signage

Pylon Signs

Your worst fears as a business owner are that people won’t know who you are or be able to find you. Pylon signs make sure that doesn’t happen by proclaiming your name and location to everyone passing by.

The Basics of Pylon Signs

First up, let’s look at the basics of pylon signs. They’re essentially any type of freestanding outdoor sign and can be supported using one or two poles. They can be made with aluminum or steel so you can have something lightweight or more durable. 

Pylon signs have writing on one or both sides. Both sides are recommended if you’re trying to promote a business. They can be used just about anywhere and for anything because they come in all different sizes, styles, shapes, and more. 

Commonly referred to also as highway signs, they’re meant to be tall and visible from a distance, so your business is very easy to find.

Designing Your Custom Pylon Signs

Because these signs are meant to advertise your business, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ design for them. While there are standard sizes for highway signs, there are also plenty of signs you’ve likely seen that differ from the ‘norm.’ 

You get to design the sign you want and make sure it’s giving people the right impression about your business. And the good news is, these are large signs, so you have plenty of space to make your point. 

Working with a curator will help you come up with the overall design for your custom pylon signs, as well as a tagline, quote, logo, or other aspect about your business.

Benefits of Finding Pylon Signs Near Me

You can reap the many benefits that pylon signs offer by contacting a company in your area that specializes in making and installing them, including:

  • Beautiful designs with a clear message encourage potential customers to visit your business for services.
  • Visibility that makes sure potential customers can find you from a long distance away.

If your business is difficult for the average person to find, it’s even more important to have pylon signs to get more attention and make sure people can find you. 

But even if you get a good amount of business from people just passing by, you really won’t go wrong with a new pylon sign in a prime location. It could draw even more business in a short amount of time.

If you’re interested in pylon signs and don’t know where to start, Louisville Custom Signs can help. 

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