Ten Ingenious Acrylic Sign Ideas to Boost Your Business

Acrylic signs

Did you know that 90% of information sent to our brain is visual? It’s no surprise that businesses are always looking for ways to make a strong visual impact. Custom acrylic signs are one of the best ways to elevate your brand and make a strong impression on your clients or visitors.

These signs aren’t just versatile and durable. They’re also easily customized to match your brand. Here, we’ll look at 10 clever ideas for acrylic designs that boost your Louisville, KY business.

Custom and Creative Shapes

Acrylic is a versatile material that can be laser-cut into any shape. This is great for businesses looking for unique signage. Custom glass signs can be cut into different shapes to create logos and graphics.

Backlit Acrylic Office Signs

Backlit signs are perfect when you want your business to stand out even at night. These signs have LEDs installed at the back which gives the sign a unique and eye-catching look. Plus, that makes them energy efficient.

Etched Signs

Etched acrylic or glass signs have a frosted look that appears chic and sophisticated. They’re great for businesses that want to elevate their surroundings. Etched signs can be typically found in professional environments like clinics, law firms, and banks.

3D Signs

If you need a modern and dynamic look, 3D signs are a great idea. They’re made by layering pieces of acrylic on top of each other to create a 3D effect. These signs are hard to miss, which means that not only will your business stand out, but it will separate itself from the competition.

Engraved Custom Glass Signs

These signs are made by carving into glass or acrylic. This creates a tactile and visually appealing result. Engraved signs are great for adding depth and texture to your signage.

Edge-Lit Signs

These are signs that are lit from the edges which allows it to look sleek and modern. Edge-lit signs are great for businesses that want to leave a modern, high-tech image.

Hanging Signs

Acrylic panels can also be hung to create an eye-catching sign. They’re great for businesses looking for a simple yet elegant sign solution. Hanging custom acrylic signs can be used for both your indoor and outdoor space.

Informational Acrylic Office Signs

Since acrylic can be made into several types of signage, it can also be used in different ways. They’re very effective for displaying information. For instance, they can be turned into text and arrows to provide wayfinding information.

Dimensional Letters

Another way to boost your business using acrylic is through dimensional letters. These can be used for your storefront to display your business name. They’re also great to use as acrylic lobby signs.

Acrylic Plaques

Want to display your company’s awards or recognition? Acrylic plaques can be easily customized to showcase any information you choose. They’re also very durable and can withstand different types of elements.

Boost Your Business with Acrylic Signs Today

Choosing acrylic signage is one of the best ways to create a bold visual statement! Make sure you get high-quality signs by partnering with a reputable sign company in Louisville, KY.

Louisville Custom Signs is a full-service sign maker that designs, produces, and installs your signage needs. Talk to us about adding acrylic signs to your business today and we’ll give you a free quote.

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