4 Simple Shop Signs That Boost Your Brand

Storefront Signs

Your storefront is the face of your business. Having said that, it’s important to create a storefront design that reflects your brand and makes it visible to your target audience. Choosing the right custom storefront signs is key to creating the right storefront display.

Want to attract attention and create a positive brand image? Here are four simple shop signs that are sure to take your brand to new heights.

Channel Letter Storefront Signs

These are probably one of the most popular options when it comes to signs for your storefront. It’s no surprise since channel letters create a vibrant, eye-catching display of your brand and business.

These are individual three-dimensional letters that are put together to display your business name or logo. They are made from aluminum and acrylic and can be designed to match your unique brand. Channel letters also often come illuminated. This makes them the perfect sign when you want to boost your brand from day until night.

Window Graphics and Decals

Did you know that your storefront windows have fantastic marketing potential? Adding window graphics and decals lets you design your storefront in various ways to make it attractive to your target audience. This type of storefront signage is great for promoting your brand to passers-by.

A-Frame Custom Storefront Signs

Also known as sandwich boards, A-Frame signs are a simple yet effective signage option. They are versatile and portable and can be placed right on the sidewalk. When done right, they are sure to attract the attention of incoming foot traffic.

A-Frame signs are commonly used to display daily offerings, deals, and even wayfinding information. What’s great is that they can be customized to display your brand logo and other branding elements. Each time people walk by, it becomes an opportunity to be familiar with your brand.

If you’re looking for minimal yet impactful storefront signs near me these area great choice.

Hanging or Projecting Storefront Signage

Speaking of attracting incoming foot traffic, hanging or projecting signs are excellent options. They are a classic and effective way to steer customers to your business. Positioned at an elevated height, they are noticeable to anyone, even from a distance.

These signs can be hung from your storefront ceiling or mounted perpendicular to the building’s façade. They can be customized to display your business name and logo. Adding these signs is sure to make your business stand out, especially in busy streets or areas with high foot traffic.

Looking For the Right Storefront Signs Near Me?

Enhance your storefront this summer and take your brand to the next level! Invest in high-quality storefront signs that make your business stand out.

At Louisville Custom Signs, we offer a myriad of sign solutions that can be designed to boost your brand. We work closely with clients to understand their branding needs. From there, we aim to create signs that highlight your unique brand identity and set you apart.

Learn more about storefront sign options that can boost your brand today! Contact us for a free consultation and get a complimentary quote.

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