What’s the Difference Between Neon and LED Signs?

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An illuminated sign is one of the best ways to attract people to your business. It captures attention not only at night but during the day. 24-hour visibility like this is an excellent way to market your business.

Neon signs have been the standard lighted sign for years. However, the growing popularity of LED lights makes them the front runner for illuminated sign solutions.

Does one perform better than the other? Which is the better choice: neon or LED? Before searching for a custom neon sign company, let us look at the difference between the two.

How A Neon Sign Company Defines Neon and LED

To differentiate the two, it’s best to start with how a Louisville neon sign company defines them. Neon is a type of sign that produces light through gas passing through a glass tube. The release of energy causes the gas to create a fluorescent color. LED, on the other hand, uses light-emitting diodes that produce a steady source of light.

Whichever choice you make, these two options can make your brand outshine the competition. Here’s what to consider when picking an illuminated sign for your Louisville, KY business:

Energy Efficiency

When consulting with a Louisville neon sign company, it’s best to know about the energy use for different options. LED surpasses neon when it comes to energy efficiency. The energy-saving element of LED is one of the biggest reasons marketers opt for this sign over the other.

Brightness and Light Effect

If you want a Louisville neon sign that shines brighter than the rest, LED may be the better choice for you. LED signs are relatively brighter than neon. They’re also easier to read from a distance, as neon can appear blurry from different angles and distances. LED signage also gives you better visibility during the daytime than neon signage.


Because neon uses a glass tube and high voltage to emit light, it has the potential to break and may need more care. On the other hand, LEDs are typically shockproof. With less energy consumption, they also use lesser voltage, which makes it safer to use. Ask your neon sign company about the safety features of LED signs and how they compare to the safety features of neon signs.


A custom neon sign company can give you an idea of which of the two options is more cost-effective. The cost difference is pretty small, with LED probably being a little bit cheaper, especially with big projects. However, while both have long lifespans, LED is virtually maintenance-free. Neon requires regular maintenance, so costs can add up for this option.

High-Quality Louisville Neon Signs

When you’re choosing the right neon sign for your business, an expert sign maker can help. Louisville Custom Signs understands how neon and LED signs function. Our team can guide you through making the signage decision that works best for your needs.

Looking to add an illuminated sign to your business in Louisville, KY today? Contact us, and we’ll give you a free estimate on Louisville neon signs!

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