What Messages Are Your Storefront Signs Delivering?

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One of the simple ways companies in Louisville, KY, build on business perception is through signs. Outdoor signs are often the customer’s first point of contact with your business. This initial impression gives them an idea of who your business is.

This makes it all the more important to ensure your signs are sending the right message.

Say Hi with Custom Storefront Signs

Signs are the best way to communicate with your target audience. Storefront signs, in particular, are great for making your presence known in your local community.

Creating a good first impression only takes seconds. This makes creating smart designs important to ensure you introduce your business well.

Sending an effective message typically involves texts and graphics. However, it is also good to keep in mind how nonverbal cues affect how readers receive your message. This attention to detail gives customers a better idea of the kind of products and services they can expect.

Set Your Sign Goals

In any business effort, it is important to set your objectives. Ask initial questions such as how you want your signs to function and how you want people to perceive your business. These can determine the type of signs you create.

Are you trying to introduce your business? A channel letter sign can effectively do that. Promoting new products or services? Attractive window graphics can drive people into your store. Want to let customers know you are open at night? Lighted storefront signs can help.

Details Matter

Once you know your sign goals, it is important to take the necessary steps to achieve them. The right design can effectively communicate with your target customers.

Making your signs readable is important for a successful custom storefront sign. Use a font style and size that can be read from a distance. Choose colors that complement each other.

Keeping designs simple is a good way to ensure your message pops. An overly detailed design can be overwhelming for a reader. A well-organized sign tells customers that they can expect a smooth sailing business transaction with you.

Make sure your signs are well-maintained. A worn-down, rusty sign can be unappealing to your target customer. A storefront tenant sign with missing letters and a busted lightbulb can give the impression that your business is on the verge of closing down, thus, not to be trusted.

Keep True to Your Brand

Proper branding creates a consistent and reliable business perception. When customers see your brand, they can associate it with the professional and credible business that you are. Using your brand theme and colors on your outdoor signs makes customers confident in doing business with you.

Your Trusted Sign Company

Looking for a reliable sign company that can help you send the right message? Louisville Custom Signs is a full-service sign maker in Louisville, KY, that can deliver effective sign solutions for your business. We take pride in the quality of your work and the top-notch service we provide. We can deliver any signage need, from storefront tenant signs to lighted storefront signs.

Contact our sign experts today and let us work together in building a positive brand perception for your business!

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