Wayfinding Signage: Lead Your Customers in the Right Direction

Emergency Directional Signs for Business in Louisville, KY

Directional signs are an important part of any business out there. They play an equally important role both inside and outside a facility. As the name suggests, their main role is to help visitors as well as employees to find the right location and provide a hassle-free experience. When installed outside, they curate interest and persuade people to take a look at the new facilities or areas. On the other hand, interior wayfinding signs help customers to locate different areas in the facility. 

No matter what the nature of your business is, directional signs will help in improving overall customer experience. Here’s how: 

Bring in Local Traffic 

Directional signs catch the viewer’s attention in a critical moment. When they’re out in the community, custom outdoor signs could make them aware of your brand’s existence. Everyone’s already aware of their presence and you don’t need to put much effort to make use of directional signs. Businesses of all types invest in outdoor wayfinding signs to direct passersby to their location. 

These signs provide an assurance to the customers that they’re nearby and will soon visit your establishment. The same cannot be said about the other traditional promotional methods as they target consumers at home, work, or any other place. 

Enhance Customer Experience 

Once customers enter your facility, interior wayfinding signage can help them navigate through your establishment. One of the best ways to understand this is to recall your last trip to the grocery store. Imagine if each aisle and section is not marked properly how much you will have to walk to get to the items that you really want. 

Many businesses can benefit from directional signs such as shopping malls, arenas, community centers, museums, and even small retail stores or restaurants. The simple wayfinding signs that direct customers towards the washroom, fitting room, or cashier adds up to the positive experience for the customers. 


When you work with experienced sign-makers like Louisville Custom Signs, you will always get a unique custom wayfinding signage design. Every sign we produce will perfectly complement your existing branding. Unlike other signs, directional signs aren’t one size fits all, they need to be altered as per their placement. We offer a ton of options in terms of colors, materials, sizes, fonts, and more to ensure they meet your brand standards! 

Contact Louisville Custom Signs for the Best Wayfinding Signage 

If you’re looking to improve customer experience both indoors and out, contact us for custom directional signs. We’re a full-service sign company, that can cater to all your signage needs from wayfinding signage design to fabrication, installation, and maintenance. Take your visual communication to the next level by simply giving us a call!  

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