Want a Professional Face for Your Business? Get Channel Letter Signs

Exterior Channel Letter Signs for Business in Louisville Custom Signs, KY

Channel letter signs are possibly the most popular choice in the sign world. These bold, eye-catching signs make a clear statement wherever they are installed. If you are looking for strong branding tools, custom channel letters are hard to beat. For businesses that are looking to amplify their brand’s visibility, illuminated channel letters are the best alternative. Not only do they make your message more visible but also adds an upbeat theme to it which helps in building customer’s trust.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons that make channel letter signs so effective:

Bold & Bright Impressions

These three-dimensional, individually cut letters are larger than most other signboards and thus they occupy more space to make a bigger and bolder impression. Whether you are located in a crowded marketplace or a remote area, custom channel letters will always make your brand stand out.

Attractive Designs

Since channel letters act as the face of the business, they are intrinsically designed to look attractive. Another factor that makes them so attractive is every letter is individually fabricated which allows sign makers certain freedoms. They can be illuminated from the front or back and can be custom made to any shape or size.

Eco-Friendly Signs

Illuminated channel letter signs use LED lights and made from sturdy materials that bring down their operational as well as maintenance costs. LED bulbs are known to consume a fraction of the power compared to neon or halogen bulbs. This allows businesses to keep their sign illuminated day and night to keep their message available for the customers.

Customized Channel Letter Signs in Louisville, KY

If your business requires customized channel letter signs, the expert sign makers at Louisville Custom Signs will help you make the right decision by choosing the right materials, illumination type, and mounting options. Our signage experts will understand your business requirements and recommend a solution that will deliver positive results and fit your budget.

Channel letter signs come in different forms and the most common ones are those that are placed above the storefront. More creative interpretations can include letters mounted atop pylons, or ones hanging from a ceiling or overhang. Sometimes channel letters are also used as interior signs to highlight a specific area of your facility.

Your Local Sign Shop in Louisville, KY

As a full-service sign company, Louisville Custom Signs can design, produce, and install all types of custom business signs. We are a one-stop-shop that can cater to all your signage requirements and deliver on time. No order is too big or too small for us.

Whatever it is that you need, we are ready to deliver! Speak with our signage experts today.

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