Tricks to Design Effective Custom Office Door Signs

Acrylic Door Signage for Office Space in Louisville, KY

Custom door signs are an important part of an effective business space. It can identify entrances, exits, offices, and the like. It is a necessary addition that makes it easy for both clients and employees to find the exact place they need to go to.

Door Signs in Louisville, KY – A Practical Solution

The presence of clear signs is a great way to enhance a customer’s experience. Door signs, specifically, create a seamless business operation through:

  • Labeling each room within your facility
  • Identifying the name and position of the room’s occupant
  • Knowing which office to go to in a multi-tenant building

Outside a Louisville, KY building, signs on the doors are a great way to welcome customers into your space. Having a sign tells customers they are in the right place even before they enter. It also typically provides useful business information such as business hours, contact information, and the like.

What Goes Into An Effective Custom Office Door Sign?

Standard door signage is readily available in office supply stores. While this may be convenient, there is a lot of value in getting a customized sign. It can lift the atmosphere inside your facility and create a positive impression on your customers.

When designing custom door signs that add value to your space, look into these elements:

Clarity is Key

Any sign that conveys a message needs to have clarity, or it will leave the reader more confused and frustrated. Clarity can be achieved by way of:

  • Font Style – a standard, universally readable font
  • Size – while there is no standard size, a good measure is having your sign readable from 10ft away
  • Character Spacing – proper spacing to ensure text and numbers are easily read
  • Color Contrasts – complementary colors so your sign is easy on the eyes

The Right Materials

There are plenty of material options when it comes to door signs. Acrylic is one of the most popular choices for business owners. These give your signs a sleek, glass-like look that creates an impression of sophistication and style.

Wood and metal are also typically used for a more classic and modern look. Vinyl, however, is a cost-effective and flexible choice.

Building Your Brand

Door signs in Louisville, KY function primarily to help identify the rooms inside your space. However, they also serve as an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness. Incorporating your business logo, as well as your brand colors, is ideal for building familiarity for your brand.

Since these are signs that customers often look at, it is the perfect way to make your brand more memorable.

Your Trusted Sign Partner in Louisville, KY

Whatever industry you are in, custom door signs are essential for building a positive perception of your business. Make it count by choosing a reliable sign company to deliver your needs. Louisville Custom Signs is the top choice for business owners in Louisville. We assure quality and durability in all our sign projects.

Whether you need a single sign or a complete set of door signs for your business, we are here to help! Contact us and let us get you started with an impactful custom office door sign today!

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