The Benefits of Using Channel Letters For Your Business

Channel letters

Well-designed, carefully placed business signs can help expand the visibility of your brick-and-mortar company better than many other types of marketing. One of many types of signs you can choose from, channel letter signs, cost a little more than other dimensional signage while offering benefits not found with typical three-dimensional letter signs.

Channel Letters for Your Louisville Business

Channel letters are a type of 3-dimensional sign that’s composed of individual letters, each of which is equipped with an internal channel to hold wiring or LED lighting. 

There are five styles of channel letters you can choose to showcase your business. Unilluminated channel letters do not have any lighting inside. The other four varieties do include a lighting effect. They are defined by where light enters the sign and include:

  • Backlit: Also known as reverse channel or halo-lit, these letters are lit from behind, which provides a subtle glow around the letters that resembles a halo. 
  • Front lit: Illuminated from the inside, these letters produce a bright, vibrant light that make them easy to see from a large distance.
  • Combination front lit/backlit: These letters have an internal light source as well as an external source that emanates from behind the letters.  
  • Open face: There is no front enclosure to these letters. Light emanates from the exposed light tube, throwing off a neon glow. 

Benefits of Using Channel Letters and Signs

There’s a reason that so many Louisville business signs are made using channel letters. Perhaps the most obvious reason is the local availability of channel letters. At night, lighted channel letter signs span the horizon, no matter where you are in the city. That means local demand is high, giving you the best opportunity to find a high-quality product at a competitive price.

Custom Channel Letters

One benefit to using custom channel letters for your business is that they are just as customizable as other signage styles. Louisville Custom Signs specializes in creating custom channel letter signs, giving you the power to make your sign whatever you want it to be (within local zoning laws). You can choose from dozens of different features and traits, including:

  • Font style
  • Color layout
  • Letter material (aluminum, acrylic, plastic, etc.) and finish
  • Lighting options
  • Mounting style (flush, raceway, backer)
  • Letter size
  • Letter spacing/configuration
  • Design features (addition of patterns, logos, etc.)

Visibility for Your Business

Channel letters are usually big and colorful. A channel letter that is a foot tall is visible up to 500 feet away, which can greatly increase the pool of potential customers for your business. If you use lighted channel letter signs, your influence at night can increase even more, when many of the surrounding business signs go invisible.

Affordable and Energy-Friendly Option

Considering the size and potential impact your channel sign can have in the neighborhood, channel letter signs cost much less than many signage types with a price-tag usually under $5,000. They are also more energy efficient; most channel letters utilize LED lighting that lasts much longer than standard bulbs and are usually 100% recyclable. Contact Louisville Custom Signs today. 

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