Take Your Brand Visibility to The Next Level Through Pylon Signs

Custom LED Parking Signage for Business in Louisville, KY

Visibility has always been an essential factor in having a successful business. When people have not heard of your product or service, it’s quite difficult for them to do business with you. Being visible establishes you as a legitimate business, especially in the local community.

Stand Out with A Custom Pylon Sign

There are many different options to increase visibility in Louisville, KY, and pylon signs are a top choice. They are great for grabbing attention, from people walking by to motorists on the road. These signs’ tremendous size and height allow for optimum viewing ability, ensuring that your business is seen even from a distance or in a crowded area.

Usually mounted on single or double poles, these outdoor signs are perfect for getting noticed. Doing a single- or double-sided sign is also an option depending on which direction you want to be most visible. LED pylon signs illuminate your business sign, giving you visibility even at night.

Next Level Visibility

Whether you are a large-scale business or a small enterprise, visibility plays a huge role in increasing your customer base. Here’s why pylon and post signs can elevate your brand exposure:

They’re Hard to Miss

The towering height of outdoor pylon signs makes them hard to ignore. These signs are particularly helpful for highway advertising. Restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and food establishments benefit from these freestanding signs, attracting people’s attention on the road. Whether through local foot traffic or motorists at a distance, your business gets excellent visibility.

24/7 Brand Exposure

Adding LED lighting or digitizing these pole signs allow for more visibility. LED pylon signs get your business out there from day to night, with the bonus of brand exposure even when your store is closed. This round-the-clock sign display makes it easier for customers to remember your business, making you a household name in no time.

Become a Community Landmark

Having distinct signage in your area can make you a convenient community landmark. Custom pylon signs are great to use as community markers, especially when looking for a particular area. This wayfinding technique gives your business a branding opportunity that can give you good local reach.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Though these monumental freestanding signs may look daunting and expensive, you get guaranteed returns from your initial investment for years and years. Our durable materials also ensure that your pylon sign is relatively low maintenance.

Full-Service Signage Partner in Louisville, KY

Whether you are an established business or a new small enterprise, building awareness for your brand enables your company to grow and succeed. At Louisville Custom Signs, we are committed to finding ways to help build your business through signages. Our team of experts will walk you through designing and producing freestanding signs that fit your business needs. Contact us now for more information about our pylon signs and get a free consultation.

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