Restroom Signs: 5 Tips When Planning Your Signage Strategy

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Talking about the restroom and what goes on inside it is still regarded as awkward and taboo. This may be why a lot of facilities do not put too much importance on restroom signs. As it is a basic necessity of every person, it is necessary for businesses in Louisville, KY, to make restrooms accessible to all.

Functional Restroom Signage

Custom restroom signs help companies in a myriad of ways. Primarily, these are used to point to as well as mark where toilets can be found in a store or building. Aside from that, bathroom signs are also used to label who the rooms are for.

More than wayfinding and identification signs, restroom signs and labels also help your business in terms of restroom maintenance as well as cleanliness. Putting up signs inside restrooms reminds customers as well as employees to observe sanitation practices such as proper handwashing.

Signage Strategies for Effective Toilet Signs

Regardless of how you want your restroom signage to function, it is important to consider a few elements for an effective sign. Here are five tips to help you when planning your signage strategy:

Visibility is key

Signs are supposed to be there to be seen and read. When putting up toilet signs, it is important to position them in key areas that are in clear eye view of customers and employees.

When used as wayfinding, utilize your walls or ceiling spaces to point people towards restrooms. For bathroom labels, make sure that your signs sit at eye level for maximum visibility.

Keep it universal

While it is tempting to do quirky and unique restroom symbols, there are still benefits to sticking with designs that are universal. Using universal pictograms makes it easier for people who don’t speak the same language as well as a person with a disability to identify the signs.

ADA Compliance

Custom restroom signs are one of the signs businesses need to ensure adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

Aside from making sure you follow the law and avoid any violations and penalties, making ADA compliant toilet signs promotes accessibility to all types of customers.

Hygiene and Sanitation

Restroom signs and labels are not limited to the outside identification signs. Adding signs that promote hygiene and cleanliness allows for a safer and more comfortable environment for everyone.

Additionally, you need to consider OSHA requirements when it comes to signage within your restrooms to avoid any fines or violations.

Inclusive Signs

Apart from accessibility, it is also important to encourage inclusivity within your business. One way to do this is through all-gender restrooms. Gender-neutral bathroom signs help make your clients, as well as employees, feel comfortable and included in your space.

Your Sign Experts in Louisville, KY

Creating the right restroom signage can be convenient when you plan properly and choose the best sign partner. At Louisville Custom Signs, we guarantee high-quality signage that is durable and functions well for your business.

Let us take care of your toilet sign needs! Contact us today, and we’ll give you a free estimate.

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