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Custom Directional Signage

Visibility is a crucial element for any successful business. People believe that the more visible you are, the more credible your business is. Establishing your business presence helps build familiarity for your brand. This can result in developing trust for your products and services.

Having the best business in Louisville, KY, doesn’t mean as much if people don’t know it exists. As such, it is crucial to find ways to build more visibility for your brand. This is where directional signage helps.

The Role of Directional Signs in Louisville, KY

Directional or wayfinding signage primarily helps people find their way around. Indoors, these signs make it easier for customers to navigate your space. Outdoors, help people find key physical locations.

Outdoor directional signs also play a key role in making your business easier to locate. They are crucial signs, helping you advertise your brand in Louisville, KY. According to a FedEx study on signage, 8 out of 10 customers visit a store for the first time because of its signage.

Improve Business Visibility with these Directional Signage Options

Let us look at some examples of wayfinding signage that makes your business more visible:

1. Monument Signs

These signs are one of the best for outdoor wayfinding. They sit low on the ground and are usually positioned along the road. This is in the direct line of sight of motorists and passersby.

Monument signs display your business name and logo. Some businesses also include their address. This is helpful for commuters to easily pinpoint your exact location.

2. Pylon Signs

Do you need a directional sign in Louisville, KY, that can be seen even from a far distance? Pylon signs are elevated signs that tower over buildings and other signage. The elevated height makes your business easier to spot, even from afar.

3. Custom Banners

These are simple yet very effective ways to direct attention to your business. Banners are portable and lightweight. They also move with the wind, making them more noticeable anywhere.

4. Hanging Signs

These are elevated signs that project from your store or building façade. They are excellent custom wayfinding signs, perfect for getting the attention of incoming foot traffic.

Hanging signs are ideal for businesses inside shopping centers, business complexes, and the like. Having these signs make your store or office stand out from the sea of businesses around.

Effective Directional Signs in Louisville, KY

Are you looking for new ways to make your business stand out? Let Louisville Custom Signs create the perfect custom wayfinding sign for your company today!

We are one of the top sign companies in Louisville. Our team offers a wide range of sign solutions for your various business needs. We make sure that your signs are made to your specific requirements and represent your business well.

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