Looking to Build Brand Recognition? Get Monument Signs

Monument Signage for Business in Louisville, KY

Brand recognition is key to every business’s success. Both existing and would-be customers thinking about your brand is something that every business owner wants. Whether it’s your local territory or a new location, you would like your audience to be receptive of your advertisements and recognize your brand from a glance.  

One of the best ways to build brand recognition is through monument signs. These gigantic structures offer many advantages that can solidify your brand presence and turn your business location into a landmark. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that custom monument signs offer: 

Location, Location, Location 

Monument signs have a great advantage when it comes to location. Unlike commercial awnings, fascia signs, or storefront signs, monument signs are placed near the connecting road or next to the entrance of your property. When placed at the entrance, they make a bold impression on visitors and make it clear that they have reached the right location. Monument signs are especially helpful for businesses that are located at some distance from the roads and are not as busy.  

Elegant & Versatile 

If you want to give a classy appearance to your brand, modern monument signs are a great choice. They are extremely versatile and can be custom made to perfectly reflect your existing branding. Your monument sign design can be a blend of your branding elements including colors, fonts, logo, text, and more to make your brand stand out. 

What if your brand is lesser known? 

Let’s assume you are looking for a custom monument sign for an apartment building and you want to mention the building’s own brand on the sign instead of yours. At Louisville Custom Signs, our signage experts will help you come up with the right design even if there is no existing branding. We will make sure that your monument sign design will have all the right ingredients to make it effective and attractive. 

Complement Your Landscaping 

The best monument signs are those that blend perfectly with the existing landscaping without disrupting the overall appearance. They can be made with different materials such as foam, brick, cement, and stone with wooden or metal finish. The ideal monument sign design will complement the theme of your landscaping whether that’s elegant and refined or natural and wild. 

Get the Ideal Monument Sign for Your Louisville Business

If you are thinking of boosting your business’s brand recognition, a modern monument sign from Louisville Custom Signs is the right choice. We will take care of every detail and ensure your monument sign has the right material, design, and placement to get the best results. 

Get in touch with us today and let’s get started! 

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