How Window Graphics Bring Foot Traffic Through the Door

Window Graphics for Stores in Louisville, KY

There are many ways to catch the eyes of customers but very few of them can engage customers so intimately like custom window graphics. Their size, vibrant colors, and placement puts them right in front of the audience or in their line of sight. They are also effective for businesses that are located on higher floors as they can use their creativity and turn their windows into a billboard.

Let’s find out how vinyl window stickers can upgrade outdoor advertising for a Louisville business:

Building Your Brand

When it comes to window stickers, creativity is the only limitation you face. They offer a perfect way to communicate the story of your brand through creative graphics. You can create compelling narratives that remain in the minds of the customer for a long time. 

There is a common misconception that window graphics are only good for promotional messages, but that’s not true at all. They are being successfully used by hospitals, educational institutes, and other businesses to inform customers, provide directions and for decoration purposes.

Marking Locations

Storefront signs at the entrance are not in the direct line of sight of the passerby, while decals on windows are. Great window graphics entice customers to enter stores and explore their products or services. It has two effects: first, seeing the graphic brings up curiosity, and second, it acts as a strong reminder of a businesses’ location.  

Sales and Promotions

Promotions are one of the most effective ways of getting people into stores. But any sales drive or new launch is only successful when it is backed by the right advertising strategy. Large custom window decals play a crucial role in capturing local traffic. What makes them super-efficient is vinyl window stickers are easy to install and take off. They are affordable too, so business owners have complete freedom to change or replace them frequently.

Types of Window Decals

  • Clear decals 
  • Opaque decals 
  • Perforated decals 
  • Frosted decals 
  • Vinyl letters 

Impactful Window Graphics in Louisville, KY

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