How Do I Design an Effective Business Sign?

Business Signs for Public Market Center in Louisville

Having business signs in your store or office is important to gain visibility and establish your brand. While not all signs are the same, it is essential to set yourself apart from the competition. Coming up with well-designed business signs in Louisville, KY, will make you memorable and hard to miss.

3 Simple Elements to an Effective Business Sign

Deciding on the right signage design is understandably overwhelming as you want the best for your business. Instead of settling with generic, stock designs, consider these three simple elements to effective signage:

Color and Contrast

Color plays a major role in coming up with impactful custom business signs. The right color choice can significantly affect how customers perceive your business. As color can invoke emotions, it is important to choose ones that reflect and establish your brand identity.

Additionally, you must consider contrasts when deciding on signage colors. Choose shades that complement each other and do not create a visual nuisance.


It is important that your outdoor business signs can be read by your target audience. You may have the biggest and brightest signage, but it won’t matter if customers cannot read it. Bear in mind that when on the road, motorists only have 3 ½ seconds to view your sign, so make it count.

While using scripts and novelty fonts may seem fun and exciting, most of those designs are hard to decipher, especially from a distance. Choose a clean, easy-to-read font for maximum visibility. When mixing different font styles, choose not more than two typefaces so as to maintain the cleanliness of your design.


One of the most important factors in designing effective outdoor business signs is clarity. Since you only have a few seconds to make a positive impression through your signs, it is vital to catch and sustain your audience’s attention.

The rule of thumb is to always keep it short and simple. Overcrowded, text-heavy signage can overwhelm customers and make it more difficult to read. Leave 30-40% of your sign’s space uncovered for optimal readability. Not every empty space needs to be filled to have a great sign.

Lastly, choose images wisely. Ensure that images complement your brand and help drive your message. Adding a simple image such as your company logo is enough to make an impact.

The Best Business Signs Louisville, KY Has to Offer

Designing your business signs may seem daunting as there are a lot of factors to consider. With the three simple elements to an effective business sign, reach out to a professional sign company that can help execute your design needs. Our team of experts at Louisville Sign Company has years of experience with designing and producing successful business signs in Louisville, KY. Excellence is our top priority. Contact us today for your custom business sign needs and receive a free quote!

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