How Can LED Signs Increase Your Customers?

Custom LED Signage for Business

Signage is one of the best marketing investments you can make for your business. The right signs make you more visible to your target audience. Whether you are in a busy business district or in a tucked away area in Louisville, KY, signs make you present in the community.

The more people know about your business, the more customers you can attract. For this reason, businesses are always on the lookout for sign solutions that build their visibility. And no other sign makes your business more visible than LED signs in Louisville, KY.

How does LED signage work?

These are a variety of signs illuminated using an LED light system. This is an energy-efficient light option ideal for business use. They light up your signs in different ways, depending on the type of sign you choose.

Here are some examples of custom LED signs in Louisville, KY:

  1. Channel Letters – custom LED signs illuminated from inside or from the back.
  2. LED Neon Signs – a series of LED bulbs in a tube, shaped to form a text or graphic.
  3. Lightbox Signs – sign boxes lit from within to illuminate the sign’s custom design.

Increasing Your Customers through LED Signs in Louisville, KY

The main highlight of signs with LEDs is their ability to light up your signs. This benefits your business in many ways, including the potential to increase your customer base.

1. LED signs are more noticeable to your customers.

A survey showed that 64% of customers are more drawn to illuminated signs. This is because our eyes are naturally attracted to light. Whether day or night, lighted signs pop out of their surrounding signs.

This is great for building familiarity for your business. The more customers know of your brand, the easier it is to attract them to your space.

2. Custom LED signs make it easier to locate your business.

The added visibility makes these signs the perfect wayfinding tool. Customers who know exactly where to find you are more likely to visit your business.

When customers have a hard time finding you, they are more likely to quit and just move on to the next available business. Having a lighted sign helps drive more traffic to your location.

3. Building customer loyalty and referrals through signs.

A FedEx study on signs found that 75% of customers told others about a business just because of their signs. This means the more impressive your signs are, the more likely people will be talking about your business.

LED signage creates a memorable impression on your customers.

The Best Custom LED Signs in Louisville, KY

Let your choice of signs draw more attention to your business and drive more traffic to your space. Invest in high-quality lighted signs today!

In Louisville, KY, businesses trust Louisville Custom Signs to deliver impressive sign solutions for their business. We are a full-service sign company committed to providing excellent products that make you stand out.

Let our team of sign experts set you up with LED signs that will turn heads your way! Contact us today and get a free consultation from one of our sign makers.

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