Everything You Need To Know About Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics

If you rent your business premises, the amount you pay is likely calculated based on the floor space you occupy. It makes sense then to maximize the value of that area. The same applies even if you own your office or shop space. 

Floor graphics are an underutilized vehicle for conveying brand image and communicating with customers and potential customers. Using them could give you a competitive edge over your rivals. That’s why we provide this summary of the most important things about custom floor signs. 

The Advantages of Floor Graphics

Custom floor signs are made from tough, nonslip, water-resistant vinyl. They can be produced in infinite sizes, shapes, and colors. They consist of a thin vinyl layer, on top of which are applied laminates that help resist scratches and provide a nonslip surface. A strong adhesive layer on the underside ensures the sign stays in place.

Here are a few good reasons to consider using vinyl floor graphics and decals in your business:

  • Value for money. Compared to other forms of signage, floor graphics are very cost-effective.
  • Convenience. They are easily installed and removed. This makes them ideal for short-term promotions.
  • Adaptability. They can be used indoors and outdoors on various surfaces, including timber, tile, vinyl flooring, cement, bitumen, and carpet.

Uses For Interior Floor Graphics

Most interior floor graphics are used for one of three reasons: 

  • To capture the attention of customers or potential customers: People increasingly wander through stores or buildings looking down at their phones. This means they can miss other types of signage you want them to see. A brightly colored or striking floor graphic can help overcome this problem.
  • To convey your company branding: Floor decals are great for reinforcing your brand image. Seeing your company logo or a catchphrase as they travel through the corridor or aisle helps them remember your business.
  • To provide directions or other vital information: Social distancing instructions exemplify how effectively floor graphics convey essential information to customers. They can also guide people around a store or building, saving them time and effort in locating what they need.

Interior floor graphics offer unlimited possibilities for creating a positive experience in the customer’s mind. Something as simple as a welcome sign upon entry or a “Thank you for your business” graphic as they exit can leave a good impression.

Uses For Exterior Floor Graphics

Exterior floor graphics serve the same purposes as described above for interior ones, which is to grab attention, convey messages, and reinforce brand image.

Fun graphics or creative optical illusions provide a memorable experience and can become a talking point. Having customers share positively about something they saw while visiting your business is great advertising.

Many businesses make good use of ground space outside their buildings by displaying large-sized logos in car parking areas or on walkways.

Easily removed vinyl floor graphics offer a convenient alternative to painted signs. You can use them to indicate designated areas, such as reserved parking, or to provide traffic flow directions. If needs change, they are easily removed or relocated.

If you’d like to discuss your custom floor sign needs, contact Louisville Custom Signs today.  

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