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Visibility is one of the most critical components of marketing a business. It is how customers locate you and recognize you. Making your business more accessible lets you attract a broader customer base in Louisville.

Signage is a crucial element to increasing your visibility. For this reason, you should invest in impressive building signs for your business.

What is Building Signage?

Building signs are various signs that adorn your building. These signs help introduce your brand to your target audience in Louisville. They also help draw customers to your establishment.

They come in different types, shapes, sizes, and designs. Regardless of design, these usually contain your business name and logo. Custom building signs make it easy for people to identify your building and business.

Types of Building Signs

The cost of building signs usually depends on the type of sign you choose. Luckily, there are plenty of sign options to choose from. Here are some examples that you can start with:

  1. Channel Letters – 3D lighted building signs that are used to show the building’s name. 
  1. Hanging Signs – signs that project from the building’s walls or hang from the ceiling. These can be used to display your business name or for wayfinding purposes. 
  1. Window Graphics – custom vinyl adhesives applied to your building windows. They are used for branding, promoting, and even blocking too much light from entering the building. 
  1. Wayfinding/Directory Signs – exterior building signs that help people find their way around your building. These point towards the building entrance, parking spaces, and more. 
  1. Monument Signs – freestanding outdoor signs that are usually used for the main entrance of your facility

Uses for Building Signs

We say that business building signs are essential. However, does it affect your business in a significant way? Let’s look at how these signs are used and their impact on your company. 

  1. Building signs are used to enable customers to locate your building easily. This is particularly helpful in a crowded business district. How can people find your building if not for the signs outside? 
  1. Creating credibility. Studies show that people are discouraged from entering a building because of a lack of signs. Commercial building signs tell people that you are an established business. This makes customers more confident that they are dealing with a legitimate company. 
  1. This is crucial when you want more people to notice your building. Displaying your brand shows how different you are from other businesses. This is great for driving more people to your facility and building brand recognition in Louisville.

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We are a full-service sign company that helps design, produce, and install your signage needs. Our team only uses the best materials and advanced technology to create your signs. This ensures we put out high-quality sign solutions that last.

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