7 Innovative Outdoor Pylon Signage Ideas

Pylon Signs

Did you know that it takes 5 to 7 impressions for someone to remember a brand? A consistent display of your brand is a great way to improve its recognition and recall. This is why visibility is a crucial part of building brand awareness.

When you want to be more visible in Louisville, KY, a larger-than-life sign may just be the answer. There are several options to choose from. However, pylon signs the best choice when it comes to gaining visibility.

Custom Pylon Signs for Your Business

These are outdoor freestanding signs that are mounted on one or two poles. They are usually known for their height. These typically tower over other surrounding structures.

There are many ways that you can customize a pylon sign. They usually have a signboard on top to display your business name and logo. You also have the option to leave the poles exposed or covered.

Here are some innovative designs you can consider for your brand.

  1. Add LED neon lights. Neon signs are a classic: They have a distinct look that people gravitate towards. Create the same neon look by using LEDs. This can be used to display your business name, or just simply illuminate your sign. LED pylon signs are not only eye-catching, but can give you extended visibility.
  • Use different textures: Contrast is a great way to get noticed. You can use wood as a background, for instance. If you’re not keen on using real wood, there are various faux wood materials you can consider.
  • Create 3D graphics or images: For example, you can make three-dimensional burgers for a fast-food joint, a large shopping bag for shopping centers, and more. These are just some ideas that can make your sign more eye-catching.
  • Use vibrant colors: Bright, colorful custom pylon signs are a real stand-out. They are sure to be a nice contrast to other surrounding structures.
  • Create a 3D image of your brand logo: When you want to increase brand awareness, this is the best option. Having this displayed for many people to see is sure to make them remember your brand.
  • Place multi-tenant signage: This is great for locations that have multiple tenants. Multi-tenant signs let you display the names of all your tenants. This lets anyone passing or driving by know what they can find within your location.
  • Install an electronic message board: If you want more dynamic and engaging signage, add an electronic message board. This lets you display multiple messages. LED pylon signs are perfect for promoting deals and events, putting out important information, and more.

Innovative Pylon Signs in Louisville, KY

Be more visible in Louisville, KY, and let more people remember your brand with the right signage! If you’re looking online for pylon signs “near me”, then let Louisville Custom Signs deliver high-quality, eye-catching pylon signs for your business today.

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